PA General Meeting Minutes - September 19, 2017

Parent Association Meeting Notes                                                          

Call To Order @ 6:00pm by Co-Presidents (Michelle & Saralinda)

PA Board introductions and Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

  • Father’s Take Your Child to School on 9/18/17 had 116 families participate;
  • Results of parent survey:
  • Increase communication between all stakeholders (PA, SLT, PC).
  • In the future, parents will be notified child’s class and teacher(s) prior to first day of school.
  • On the first day of school, all parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher(s).
  • Acknowledgement of TCCS website (enhanced by Francine Lane, Co-treasurer); video footage compliments of Mr. Christian (TCCS parent).
  • Acknowledgement of PA support via the school supply grant; encourage parents to submit payment.
  • Grade 3 STEM Partnership – Turner 2000 (architect firm) will work with students and teachers once/month using a STEM curriculum and students will create an end of the year project.
  • Grades 4 – 6 is still using Salvadori once/week.


  • Parents support the shopping component.
  • Requesting donations to add to shopping store.

Parent Questions/Comments:

  1. Can harvest be used in school?
    1. Laurie Kindred will create a “write up” on the use of the harvest.
  2. Parent volunteers needed for lunch duty.
    1. Must be fingerprinted by NYCDOE and cleared; once parents are cleared, they can submit information to Mrs. Verdiner.
    2. No background checks needed for parents attending school trips.
  3. Swimming program @ PS 125 will begin for 2nd graders on 9/26/17; program is a 2nd grade curriculum.
  4. Comment regarding types of field trips.
    1. Trips should be curriculum-related and/or have some connection to curriculum.

RTS and TC Club After School Overview

Ms. Cox (TC Clubs) & Jasmine (RTS)

  • After school begins on Monday, 9/25/17
  • TC Clubs – M, W, F – 3:00 – 5:00
  • TC Clubs – All students must be signed out; TCCS experienced tremendous growth in this area last year and would like it to continue.
  • RTS – Ms. Jasmine – upon dismissal from TC clubs, students will transition to RTS
  • RTS – question regarding the minimum number of days a student can attend. As per Ms. Jasmine, she is willing to work with all parents to ensure after school support.

Parent Coordinator Intro

Ms. Leona Guerrido expressed her desire to learn and willingness to work with all parents.


  • Committees:         Review of committees
  • Each committee will have a committee chair and “mentee”.
  • Multicultural Committee – Saralinda
    • Suggest parents share information, events, etc that will help to build engagement for this committee;
    • Request for parent volunteer to provide translation services (letters, parent-teacher conference).

Classroom Parents

Please volunteer as a class parent!

School Supply Drive

Update on the total and explanation of the difference between supply drive and PA dues

Currently, at about $5100 in contributions, we have received a little more than half of the 9000 grant

  • Parents are encouraged to continue to make donations.
  • Not the same as a PA dues, which will be later in the year
  • No amount is too small.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer Report – Co-treasurer Francine Lane:
  • Merchandise store will be up and running on 9/25/17
  • Propose for funding for the arts – how to spend (PV)
  • Establish operating reserve funds for PA – need to vote on and add to by-laws

Immediate Announcements

  • Wednesday Coffee Socials and upcoming events

Who Says There is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?

Who Says There is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?

Beginning THIS School year ALL NYC DOE Students will receive FREE lunch! Breakfast is already provided for FREE and now all meals will be served at no charge to families!!!

All Parents, regardless of income still must complete a School Meals Form so that our school gets access to federal funding for this program. Please complete the form online at by December 29th, 2017.

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Principal's Message 2017-2018

Principal's Message 2017-2018

Welcome to our new, and returning, TCCS families! I hope your summer has been fun-filled with wonderful learning and social opportunities for your children. I am very excited about the 2017-18 academic school year. We are continuing our expansion into middle school! I am optomistic about all of the rich learning experiences our students will have this year.

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Roads to Success (RTS) after-school registration is NOW OPEN!

Roads to Success (RTS) after-school registration is NOW OPEN!

Families can choose anywhere from 3-5 weekdays and pay a monthly fee. Families who choose 5 days per week will be welcome to pay in just 1 installment and receive a 10% discount on the year. Additionally, any families who register before September 7th will be given a discount of $150 (use the coupon code “earlybird”)

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PA General Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2017

  1. Call to order

  2. 2017/18 PA Board Election

    1. Shaqua Randle running election.  PA Board - Members of current PA can choose to run again.  Ayishah Co-president running again.  Chimene running again.  Laurie, Maggie, Ji & Marianne not running again.

    2. SLT 4 positions open.  Explanation of SLT role and expectations by Michelle Kelly and Kim Kefgen.

    3. Explanation of PA Board roles by Ayishah, Chimene & Marianne

    4. Explanation of voting process.  

    5. Candidates interested in running:   

      1. Ayishah Irvin & Laura Blake – Co-President

      2. Saralinda Lugohart & Michelle Kelly – Co-Presidents

      3. Jessica Bennett – Vice President

      4. Laura Blake – Vice President

      5. Shavon Glover & Liz Nsom – Co-Secretary

      6. Shavon Glover & Chimene Lewis – Co-Secretray

      7. Chimene Lewis & Liz Nsom – Co-Secretary

      8. Francine Lane & Peter Myers – Co- Treasurer

      9. Peter Myers – Treasurer

      10. Kim Kefgen – SLT

      11. Jen Silverman – SLT

      12. Laurie Kindred – SLT

      13. Ayishah Irvin – SLT

      14. Shavon Glover SLT

    6. Candidates give short speech on why they are running.

    7. Vote taken and ballots submitted.  Votes being tallied.

    8. Results in:  Michelle Kelly & Saralinda Co-President

    9. VP Laura Blake

    10. Co-Secretary:  Liz and Shavon

    11. Treasurer:  Francine & Peter

    12. SLT:  Kim, Shavon, Jen & Laurie

  3. Reading and Approval of Minutes

  4. Principal’s Report

    1. Field Day first ever a success.  Lot’s of parents helped.  Field Day next wk prek-1st on Wed

    2. Culture Night Wed 5/17.  Asking parents to contribute dish that represents your culture.  4:30-6:30 it’s a family night.  Playground will be open.  

    3. Spinners & fidgets are no longer allowed in school. Announcement already made to kids on Fri and on Mon.

    4. Curtains for MPR Stage are coming.  Will be installed on Thurs 5/18.  Lost & Found will need to be removed.  Will be donated to church on Thurs morning.

    5. Parent Social & Silent Auction was a success.  Brewer & Levine were there.  Raised $13,874 net.

    6. Prin Verdiner using grant for purchasing power, its equitable and teachers are not using their own funds.  Grant for PBIS also helpful.

  5. Treasurer’s Report given by Laurie Kindred

    1. Current Profit/Loss statement for year.  Current net of $11800 for year.  

    2. Budget and reserves.  Highlights:  Parent Social $16899 gross; Box Tops $402; Easy Give Back programs Amazon, Book Culture, Schoola.  Expenses:  Garden – additional boxes being built.  We paid for 5th Grade Bus.  Expenses for Parent Social:  $2800.  Net profit of over $10K though we estimated over $3900.

    3. Proposed 2017/18 Budget voted in.

  6. Co-Presidents’ Report

  7. School Leadership Team Report

  8. Committee Updates

    1. Spring Fling 6/17 11am-5pm

    2. Cultural Day

      1. Many families did not know about after school cancellation

  9. Old Business

    1. Expansion Update

    2. Picture Vendor  

  10. New Business

  11. Adjournment