PA General Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • Mr. Hill, our counselor, is no longer at TCCS. He was supposed to be here for the remainder of school year but was pulled by DOE to cover a maternity leave.
  • We still have school based mental health program here 20 hours per week and next year they will be here full-time.
  • We also continue to have access to TC’s school based mental health partnership
  • Amy Harowley is our current TC Liason (temporarily replacing Ms. Cox until full time replacement is found). Ms. Sarabia is also assisting with TC clubs/afterschool at this time.
  • ELA 3-6 is complete. It went smoothly, fairly low anxiety for students, and children were working productively. Principal Verdiner is very proud of all of our studetns. 
  • Studio in a School for grades 2/3 has begun and will run for 6 weeks. 
  • Grade 4/5 will participate in Studio in a School after Math exams
  • TC is hosing a parenting workshop on bullying, taking place on 4/18/2018 @ 5:30pm in MPR
  • Coming up in May, there will be another TC Parent Workshop on Internet usage/safety.
  • Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!-Participate and support our student council.
  • TCCS Raised $1019.33 from the book fair

New School Update: 

  • Construction is moving along, everything is currently on schedule, classrooms already assigned, necessary improvements should be complete by July/August.
  • The kitchen will need a full 2 years to be completely renovated
  • There will be no construction going on during school hours, only outside of school hours.
  • Principal Verdiner will reach out to Superintendent/SEA to see if a meeting can be held for parents to ask additional questions about construction/timelines, etc.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Money continues to be raised in various fundraisers
  • Budget continues to be adjusted as these new funds come in

President's Report

Membership Drive:

  • Membership drive CONTINUES!
  • All proceeds go toward funding enrichment for our TCCS children
  • Studio in a school was funded to fill in the arts for all grades this year at TCCS.
  • April 16thto 22ndis MATCH WEEK! An anonymous donor will match all donations made this week at 100%

Square1 Art

  • Online orders extended to May 1st
  • Don’t forget to order your legacy tile!-We will be starting a legacy wall at the new location


  • Upcoming Yoga classes to take place at St. Joseph’s Church basement. 
  • If you would like a FREE Yoga Mat, see Saralinda!

Committee Reports

TCCS Got Talent: 

  • Show takes place 4/21
  • Our TCCS children have been working hard and are ready to showcase their talent

Silent Auction:

  • TCCS’ 7thAnnual Parent Social/Silent Auction is just around the corner: 5/4, 6-9pm
  • Get your tickets online OR in person during some a.m. drop offs
  • Online bidding begins Friday April 20th…Share Share Share the online auction link with friends and family, anyone can bid!

PA Executive Board Elections:

  • Get involved, run for office! 
  • Elections take place the evening of 5/15
  • If you have questions, please speak with any PA Board Member!

PA General Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • Introduction of new RTS coordinator - Kam!
  • School Updates:
    • 4/18/18 @ 5:30pm - TC Workshops:  Topics are Bullying, Aggression & Violence; additional topics needed
    • School Safety Agent (SSA Parker) transferred; new agent SSA Benoit
    • 3/28/18 - Safety Town Hall meeting
    • Parent volunteers needed for morning dropoff

New School Update: 

  • Phase I has begun - SCA has been in constant communication w/Principal Verdiner; Principal Verdiner will share pertinent information with SLT;
  • Possible walking trip for younger grades to new building;
  • K classrooms have sink and bathroom;
  • Budget is unknown at this time;
  • Art enrichment will be included in the curriculum.
  • There will be equitable distribution of resources between lower and upper schools.

Upcoming Events:

TCCS Got Talent Show  

April 21, 2018

  • Permission slips went out; students will be judged on content;
  • Grades 3 & up will participate;
  • K-2 RTS may have a group participate;
  • TCCS Student Council will previews;
  • Committees:
  • Stage - Laurie
  • Fundraising
  • PR Crew
  • Merchandise - Shavon
  • Refreshments
  • Venue Crew - Shavon

Spring Silent Auction

  • “Harlem Nights” - Flyers created and distributed; donations
  • needed for auction; auction goes live on 4/20/18

Membership Drive

Contribution Campaign for Students (TCCS) throughout theMonth of March

Square 1 Art

Order sheets backpacked

Guest Speaker

Director, Lessons for My Daughter, an 8 week program that promotes female self-love; Director left flyers for distribution.

TCCS Got Talent - Looking for Videographer to record event

TCCS Got Talent - Looking for Videographer to record event

We are looking for a videographer for TCCS Got Talent on Saturday, April 21 from 1-3.   We want to produce a professional-quality video of TCCS Got Talent 2018!  If you or someone you know is an experienced videographer interested in recording the event for us, reach out to Laura Blake, or Francine Lane by email at  

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