Last chance to see the 2019 NY International Children's Film Festival

Last chance to see the 2019 NY International Children's Film Festival

Last chance to see the NY International Children's Film Festival! It continues through the middle of March. This year offers a fantastic program - the films hail from around the world and the subject matter ranges from silly to serious, animation to documentary -- giving kids to a chance to see the world and explore issues from new perspectives while earning money for the PA!

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PA General Meeting Minutes - February 26, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Ayishah Irving, Co-Treasurer

Principal’s Update

  • Studio (Art) in the School is up and running for all the grades, some parents weren’t aware.

  • Our partnership with Danza Espana will continue for 7-weeks, starting last week of March and running through May. There was a temporary disruption, but they will return and love working with the community!

    • Instruction will continue for 1st and 2nd Grade

    • One of the instruction dates fall during PLP, so timing will be adjusted to have during 1st period so parents can participate.

    • There are talks to expand instruction, in the future, to upper grades

  • School Secretary, Ms. Wilson, has received a promotion within the DOE. This will be her last week (last day Friday)

    • Ms. Harris will help with those duties, along with Ms. Bermudez

    • Will continue to look for someone permanently, but may not hire someone until the start of the next school year due to budgeting reasons.

  • Upper grade ELA teacher, Ms. Carter, will be returning from leave on Friday, 3/1. She is healthy and happy to be back.

  • Please try to attend upcoming scheduled Joint Public Hearings, for the change of location for 3rd grade next year and the expansion of another pre-k class.

    • Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 6:00PM at the Upper School

    • Monday, March 18, 2019 at 6:00PM at the Lower School

    • The plan is to keep the Lower School building as an early childhood space with pre-k to 2nd grade

    • Additional pre-k will open up more seats to service the community, as well as give the current pre-k teacher a planning partner by having another pre-k teacher

    • At the joint hearing, that is the perfect time to voice your concerns as parents on record, however there will not be a back and forth discussion (as pointed out by fellow parent/SLT member). After joint hearing, then topics move on to P.E.P. (Panel for Educational Policy) for more of a discussion and voting.

    • Will think of list of talking points for upcoming hearing and provide to the PA to share with parents.

  • Lower School Updates:

    • 3rd floor will be open and occupied with classrooms, cluster rooms, additional spacing will be free for expansion. Appx. 4 classrooms

    • 1st floor has additional space that will be opened up

      • cafeteria will be expanded to full operation for children to access their own food

      • nurse will have own full function space

    • New construction will be ready for fall according to department of planning

      • (Principal) will have more access to the school during second phase

      • continue to meet with special planning on site

    • Planning, use for space is done, now it just has to be executed during Phase 2 of construction

    • $100K grant awarded by the office of Gale Brewer will be combined with budget to upgrade the outdoor space. This construction can not happen until the school construction is done. When concrete dates are ironed out, the community will be updated. As of now dates are not clear.

      • If timeline becomes available, will share. Unfortunately the sharing of a floor plan is not allowed

      • majority of space will consist of the cushioned flooring, no structures, 2 units of the imagination playground will be brought over from the Upper School, would like a part of the wall to consist of chalkboard background for instruction and play. Will still have a garden space.

    • Looking forward, would like to see how we can utilize the roof space.

    • The rationale to move 3rd grade to Upper School building is based on:

      • Developmentally makes sense

        • model of thought starts to change in children of this age

        • testing

        • curriculum changes at 3rd grade

        • plans to start buddy system between the Upper School grades

      • Spacing

        • size of children from 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders when all in shared space does not work

        • the building size is better functioning for younger kids

    • Concerns about current low staff and class program/services for current students with incoming additional class for pre-k and growing community with 8th grade

      • Principal Verdiner has advocated for extra staff, but due to funding by TC has often been turned away for additional funds

        • unfortunately even though we are two locations, we are looked at as one school. Not taken into consideration for a bigger budget.

    • Upper School Updates:

      • Play structure will be removed

      • Proposal to turn the space into turf for soccer was denied. The space isn’t adequate enough

      • Upon removal (Principal) will need help to advocate/fund raise to update and renovate the space since it is a private space.

Introduction to our new TCCs Liaison Katy Maiolatesi

  • Taught for 12 years

  • Enjoying the community

  • Travel between both spaces

Upcoming events

  • PA Dues coming soon

    • Will now be called “Contribution Campaign for Students”

    • Chart/handout will be provided to show exactly where money raised by PA, contributed by parents is used for our students/school

  • Silent Auction/Parent Social

    • Marianne Soohoo (lead) will continue to push out communication with the PA’s help

    • Auction is 2 parts essentially. Silent auction and online.

    • Great fundraiser and social event for parents and staff

    • Same location as in prior years from 6PM- 9PM

    • Will need solicitation of items to auction. Would like to have items by April 5th.

    • The online auction site is up

    • Help spread the word!

  • TCCS GOT TALENT- Date change March 23rd 1-3pm

    • Previews held March 4,5,6th at the upper school.

    • Check the website for more details!

    • We will be accepting snack and drink donations to sell at the talent show to help this GREAT fundraiser! Bring family and come see our talent!!