PA General Meeting Minutes - October 17, 2017

PA General Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2017


Parent Notes:

Thanking and encouraging parents to share their TCCS experiences on and; Ms. Bernstein will be featured in an upcoming documentary based on supporting and/or showcasing inspirational influential teachers in the US.

Principal’s Report:

  • STEAM Program by Salvadori Organization started for grades 4-6.
  • Grade 3 continues partnership with Turner 2010, an organization that provides STEAM programming 1 x per month. They are professional engineers who come into schools and work alongside teachers to integrate STEAM into the curriculum. Best of all its FREE!
  • Fine Arts: Studio in a School will begin for K/1 shortly. The mediums that will be used include clay and painting.
  • We now have a partnership with TC Art Department: 6th-grade students will be receiving 10 weeks of art during the fall/winter, and 5th-grade students will be receiving 10 weeks of art in the winter/spring months. TC is piloting this program this year and it will be run by TC master’s students who will be incorporating art with math.
  • TCCS Middle School Info Session for Current 5th graders: 10/25, 5:30pm-6:30pm. This info session will cover 1. Middle School options, and 2. What TCCS Middle School has to offer.
  • Progress reports will be out at the end of the week. The purpose of this is so that you have some feedback as to how your child is doing without having to wait until school conferences.
  • Student-led conferences are coming up Nov 15/16. As in the past, these conferences will be led by your child!
  • Student Council applications are available on request for grades 3/4/5/6. Children who decide to run will need an application and two letters of recommendation.
  • Parent’s as Learning Partners will take place Friday, Oct. 27th.

Parent Concerns:

  • Recess as punishment. There was a complaint by some parents that recess has been taken away from students and in one instance, an entire class. Principal Verdiner spoke to that teacher and taking recess away from an entire class will not happen again.  In order to prevent this issue from reoccurring, Principal Verdiner discussed her expectations for addressing student behaviors and will go over it again during Wednesday’s professional development meeting. We are a PBIS school and will continue to emphasize rewarding positive behaviors.
  • TCCS utilizes progressive discipline. Classroom rules are established during the first week of class and consequences are listed.  Taking part of recess away from individual students will continue to be used as an intervention when other methods have not worked (verbal warnings, etc.). When a child is held back from recess it is not as a punishment, it is used as a time to discuss with the child what happened (the behavior) and discussing a plan to change that behavior and move forward. This intervention is the last resort after verbal warnings, etc have been issued. Please note, the teacher’s utilize their own lunchtime to do this.
  • Parents discussed additional ways to address negative behaviors including interventions related to restorative justice and emotional intelligence. Some parents are researching further and may provide concrete suggestions that can be taken into consideration.
  • Bottom line, if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact the Principal Verdiner and/or the PA Board. We are all here to support each other.

Treasurer Update

  • Co-Treasurer, Pete Meyers, presented an amended/balanced budget which includes $3,000 for rainy day reserves, $9,000 for next year’s school supplies and $7000 to allocate to Arts programming.  We will vote on this budget at November’s General PA Meeting.

  • Initially, the PA Board proposed NDI dance program be purchased for 4th/5th-grade students. However, after further review, we wanted something that impacted more students. Since we currently have art in grades K/1 and 5/6, The PA Board recommendation is to fill the gap of grades 2/3/4 by purchasing Studio in a School for these additional grades.


Upcoming Events

  • Giving Thanks Social- Tuesday November 21st, 7:45am-8:30am. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Winter Fest-Will take place in January, volunteers needed!