SLT General Meeting Minutes - October 19, 2017

October 19, 2017

OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou "Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud" Video

In attendance: M. Cornell, M. Verdiner, S. Glover, C. Sinanan, M. Reveron, M. Sarabia, M. Kelly, N. Streim, K. Kefken, D. McIntosh-Brown, J. Silverman

New Member on SLT Committee

Deidre McIntosh-Brown, representative from CB9


  1. Art

    1. Nancy is working on collaborating with an Art Program at TC.  

    2. Two art students will be working with 6th grade (Ms. Shen’s class) for a 7 week project integrating art and science.

    3. The plan is to work with 5th grade next semester.

  2. Robotics

    1. Donor from TC purchased class sets (15 sets) of Minecraft robotics for Middle School (5th Grade)

    2. This will be integrated into Library & Technology.

  3. PA Supporting Arts

    1. Providing funds for 2nd-4th grade to have Studio in the Arts

    2. Another option may be “Making Art Together”

      1. Nancy will collaborate with Michelle to consider other options.

Review of SLT by-laws

  1. Updating Notice of meetings

    1. SLT meets on the third Thursday of the month, unless the date coincides with a school holiday, in which case it will be held on the second Thursday of the month.

    2. Update Length of Time

      1. Change from 1 year for elected parents to 2 years for elected parents

    3. Roles for Meetings

      1. Chairperson-Ms. Verdiner

      2. Recorder: Ms. Sarabia and Ms. Sinanan will alternate

      3. Timekeeper-Removing position

      4. Financial Liaison: Ms. Sarabia

    4. Sub-Committees

      1. Parent Engagement Committee (No Members selected yet)

  2. Ms. Verdiner will double check to see if there is an updated By-law version, and we will merge that copy with the version that Ms. Sarabia is updating as revisions are made at meeting.

Review of Minutes from September’s SLT.

  1. No changes or adjustments made

Pre-K Arrival Time

  1. Consultation Committee brought up concern of Pre-K arrival time,

    1. Problem: Pre-K teacher begins day at 8:25am to open front door for families, however school begins at 8:35 am.  Therefore Pre-K teacher ends up working 10 more minutes, and the students have 10 more minutes of school.

    2. Solution: Pre-K teacher will open front door at 8:35 for morning arrival, and will continue to dismiss students at 2:55pm.

CEP Goals Review

5E:Strong Family Ties and Community Ties

  1. Family Engagement

    1. We achieved our goal of family communication,

    2. We need to create a goal around parent engagement

      1. Some ideas:

        1. Teachers can hold workshops to teach academic skills after school if they are unable to attend Tuesday morning parent engagement times

        2. Creating different access points for parents who cannot physical attend school events

          1. Virtual interviews with families to share skills or talents

        3. Measure of our goal of enriching parent engagement

          1. Ask on service:

            1. How have you contributed to our school community?

            2. Have a drop down box (time, Treasure or “Money”, Talent)

          2. By June 2018 at least 90% of our families will contribute Time, Treasure, or Talent

        4. We have many in-school engagements

          1. Family Night

          2. Giving Thanks Social

          3. Parent Engagement Mornings

          4. Chaperones for field trips

            1. We will determine a way to spotlight families who contribute time, treasure, or talent on a consistent basis

          5. Dad’s bring their child to school day - will be rephrased to be more inclusive: Possible idea: “Someone Who Loves Me drops me to school day

Section 5C-Collaborative Teachers

  • We met this goal and will continue to have inquiry goals amongst teachers.

Section 5D- Effective School Leadership

  • We met this goal of retaining staff and will continue to maintain this goal.

Section 5A- Rigorous Instruction,

  • Did not meet goal for Math (met 10% not 20%)

Section 5B- Supportive Environment

  • Keep PBIS as a goal

TCCS Expansion

  1. Ms. Verdiner and Nancy are encouraging Space and Planning Department to come in to talk to school community.

  2. Ms. Verdiner has a meeting scheduled on Monday with Space and Planning Department 10/24/2017

  3. There are only 3 screened schools in District 5

    1. TCCS wanted a composite screening, looking at: Attendance, Academics, Personal Behavior.

    2. PA should make a plan to take meet with Superintendent or Head of Enrollment to share vision of having a composite measure for incoming students.  with a composite measure to look at students as a whole, to determine incoming students into our community.

Quality Review

  1. We will have a Quality Review this year

    1. We will aim to improve inquiry based on previous years quality review

Visitor from Deputy Chancellor Karina

  1. Deputy Chancellor Karina, in charge of Special Education division will visit 10/26/2017

    1. Will visit classrooms

    2. Deputy Chancellor Karina is dedicated to diverse learning

    3. Ms. Verdiner’s goal is to  highlight all the strategies we use in the classroom to support our diverse learners.

    4. Ms. Verdiner will request for some supports such as:

      1. A School Counselor

We secured a Social Worker for Mandated IEP students.