Bullying: Supports, Strategies, & Solutions - Webinar Series

Webinar series on Bullying:  Supports, Strategies, & Solutions

Webinar series on Bullying:  Supports, Strategies, & Solutions

Thursday, October 26,


Bullying: How to identify it and what to do

This training covers how to report bullying, what schools are required to do, and special protections and supports for students with disabilities. Advocacy strategies for families will also be presented.

Friday, November 3, 


Know Your Rights / Conozca Sus Derechos

This webinar is for Spanish speaking families.

Este seminario discutirá los derechos de los padres según la ley intitulada la ley de Educación de Individuo con Discapacidades (IDEA por sus siglas en inglés). Se proporcionará un resumen de los seis principios de la ley IDEA que describen los derechos de los padres.

Wednesday, November 15,


How to talk to your child about bullying: Tools to strengthen kids' confidence and self-defense

Learn how to support and talk to your child about bullying. Coach your child through any role -- aggressor, victim, or bystander -- in bullying situations.

Thursday, November 30,


Know your rights in the school disciplinary process

Basic rights for students when suspended from school.