How to Apply to Middle School

District middle school fairs are in full swing. Watch our video "How to apply to middle school" on our YouTube channel for a firsthand look at what to expect. 

Making the most of middle school fairs:

For 5th-graders, and families, district middle school fairs happening now through Oct. 19, are a great starting point for finding the right middle school. You will meet representatives from all middle schools in your district and even some from other districts, including charter schools. Be prepared to shake the principal's hand and come with a list of questions to ask current students: What's your favorite class? Is there a lot of homework? What about sports teams? Pick up fliers about school tours or sign up for one. Before you go, watch our video, read our 5 tips for navigating NYC middle school admissions and print out our checklist for parents, How to rank your middle school choices.