PA General Meeting Minutes - November 21, 2017

PA General Meeting Minutes


November 21, 2017

Parent Notes:

Thanking and encouraging parents to share their TCCS experiences on and; Ms. Bernstein will be featured in an upcoming documentary based on supporting and/or showcasing inspirational influential teachers in the US.

Principal’s Report:

  • Principal Verdiner expressed her deepest gratitude on the success of the Giving Thank Social;
  • Parent Newsletter sent home; she shared that 237 families attended the Student-Ledconferences;
  • Surveys -168 families participated in the surveys given on SLC night; the survey was given to measure parental contribution to the school community.
  • School supply grant from PA - Principal Verdiner encouraged parents to encourage other parents to contribute; Ayishah Irvin and Shaqua Randle volunteered to support this endeavor;
  • Ms. Beckford (5th Grade Math teacher) has returned from maternity leave;
  • Studio in Schools met with teachers and chose to have a paint and clay medium;
  • Middle school applications went home and are due on December 1; Mrs. Barr is the person to contact on the MS application process.lead


6th-grade students will no longer be allowed to submit late assignments; opportunity for students to demonstrate accountability for their work and gain independence.

Middle school location update

Michelle Kelly met with Supt. Rux and was assured that this is an “all hands on deck” situation regarding the location of the middle school location.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

WinterFest - this year we are changing the theme; TCCS Talent Show; Laura Blake will be meeting with the Student Council to collaborate on logistics, layout, and criteria; would like to use the Talent Show as a possible fundraiser.


Square 1 Art - Kelly Be has been the facilitator for the last couple of years; there is always a need for parent volunteers to support the distribution; all interested parents should email the PA board.

Budget - Explanation of Expenses

Purpose of PA:  to promote parental engagement and/or support; provide childcare at PA meetings; purchase of software, postage fees, etc; participate in community events that promote community engagement and/or growth;

  • Reminded parents of TCCS online store;
  • Follow Up with Schoola regarding whether they are accepting large donations;
  • Parents expressed suggestions/concerns regarding how the operating reserves can be used:
    • academic support for students (ie, tutoring, additional homework help, test prep);
    • Possible parent workshops/meetings.


501c3 Update

We are in the process of finalizing the necessary documentation.

Announcements/Parent Concerns

  • Parents expressed concern for lack of tutoring during after school; suggested possible return of after-school committee - Shaqua Randle will collect data to submit to Ms. Cox;
  • Parent(s) expressed concerns about utilizing all available outlets to do a better job of reaching out and/or contacting parents