SLT General Meeting Minutes - November 30, 2017

November 30, 2017

OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” Video

In Attendance: C. Sinanan, N. Streim, M. Verdiner, M. Kelly, M. Reveron, M. Cornell, J. Silverman, L. Kindred, K. Kefgen, D. Brown

1.  TCCS Expansion Updates

  • a.   DOE signed a lease to St. Aloysious (which we will call our LOWER SCHOOL) How long is lease signed for?

    • Proposal is planned for January for a PEP vote

    • Grades K-2 will transition to new school building

    • Eventually it will be Pre-K -2 OR 3 in the lower school

    • Pre-k will stay at TCCS Flagship (Upper School)  for 2018-2019 for purposes of spacing in new building.

    • Eventually Upper School will have 3-8 or 4-8th grade

  • b.  December 21- Superintendent may attend meeting, Eric from Space planning Staff will attend meeting

  • c. List of of agenda items for our p

  • d. CEC Question: How are both sites going to be funded?

    • DOE will give a budget based on number of students.

    • The DOE also has  a budget for “growing schools” from the central office

    • TC’s commitment and contribution remain as per the CBA is $1million dollars a year.

    • Extended programing will continue, however we need to determine how that will look.

    • Middle School Afterschool is free, however, we did not meet the criteria for our current 6th grade class.

    • Enrollment is declining in district 5 so the DOE did not provide a brand new building.

    • Inquiries:

      • How many splits sites are in the district? How are they handling budgeting issues?

      • Put updated information on and school website.

2.  Follow up from Deputy Chancellor Karin visit

  • Concern: Need for a counselor

  • Ms. Darbouze, Social Worker (However, she has been out for 2 wks)

  • We had a contracted counselor, however she quit after 1 day.

    • We recently got a new contracted counselor this week for students with mandated counseling.

  • We have a School Based Mental Health Services from TC

  • Ms. Verdiner advocating for ICT teachers to receive support in the Spring with workshops

  • We need a team for handling escalated behaviors.  However, 5 teachers cannot leave to go to workshops at the same time.

  • Importance of addressing Kindness within the school.

    • Restorative action/Responsive Classroom (Building community within the classroom)

    • Recess social/emotional support from SBMH

    • Opportunities to solve problems

    • Buddy bench video

    • Educators for Excellence

    • Student Council and try to initiate a project

3.  Data Share (November Simulated testing)

  • READY exam- Baseline

    • Students in grade 3-6 were tested in November based on end of year expectations

  • Tier 1 0-25 % correct
    Tier 2: 26-50 % correct

  • Tier 3: 51-70% correct

  • Tier 4:76-100% correct

Noticings: Students had strong comprehension skills, however they are unable to respond to questions in a written form based on the short /extended response questions

  • Teachers are explicitly teaching RADD to help students respond to literature.  RADD -Restate question, Answer question, Detail 1, Detail 2

4.  Parent Survey Results (November 2017)

  • Survey during student led conferences

  • 164 adults filled out survey compared to 110 adults last year.

  • About 93% of students want to come to school :quite a bit or a tremendous amount

  • How have you contributed to our school community? 36% time, 41% treasure (funds,money),  4% Talent, Other about 19%

5.  K Open House

  • Huge Turnout for first open house (at least 80 parents)

  • Prospective Families seemed happy about the lower school location.

  • District 5 families can get bussing

  • There are about 3 more open houses throughout the year

  • PA board is requested to share or provide outreach to parents/community members within district 5 and 6.

6.  Middle School Open House Reflection

  • High interest, went well.  There were 3 events, around 100-120 families attended.

  • Possibility of having only one 7th grade class for the next school year and 3 for grade 6.

  • How can our school have an open enrollment open for students outside of district 5 and 6 for grade 6.