PA General Meeting Minutes - December 19, 2017

PA General Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2017

President’s Report

  • Keeping to time is important; we need to leave cafeteria in a timely manner for lunch set up
  • Index/topic sheets available for you to write items for PA Board to consider
  • Thank you to volunteers for Picture Day – a great success!
  • All TCCS classes will be having art this year – the Parent Association will sponsor classes for 2nd – 5th grade to have a Studio in a School program
  • PA Board is exploring options to defer cost of fingerprinting
    • Discussion on if fingerprinting is needed for parents/guardians; PA Board and Principal Verdiner will follow up
    • UPDATE:  Found a clause that stipulates that parents/guardian’s don’t need fingerprints to volunteer (In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-105, all teachers, staff, volunteers (excluding the parents and legal guardians of current students), and other workers at your school or in any other DOE worksite must complete the security clearance process conducted by the DOE Office of Personnel Investigation before they can work in any capacity at your school or DOE worksite. This process includes, but may not be limited to, fingerprinting and a review of the candidate’s employment history.

Principal’s Report

New Location

  • Principal Verdiner is participating in the design process for the second location
  • She is meeting with the School Construction Authority (SCA)
  • They are receptive to her input
  • New furniture for the new school
  • No answer yet on if we get new furniture for existing location
  • New location with have same tech (e.g. smart boards/WIFI)
  • Kitchen is not up to code and need renovation
  • Phase 1 is projected to complete for August move-in (this is for K-2nd)

Rationale for choosing new location for lower grades:

  • School is better suited for smaller bodies
  • transitional areas are smaller
  • steps are smaller
  • Multi-purpose room (MPR) will be gym, cafeteria, and indoor play
  • although there is a science lab, it is not fully functioning and will probably be converted into an art room
  • preK and K will have bathrooms in their rooms


  • QUESTION:  Can we get pictures for the new location
    • ANSWER:  Doesn't make sense to share pictures of what it looks like now, as it will be completely renovated to suit our needs
  • QUESTION:  Where will admin be?
    • ANSWER:  Still to be decided.  Principal Verdiner and Vice Principal Barr may switch between sites to encourage continuity between locations
  • QUESTION:  What will Middle School enrollment be for 2018-19 year?
    • ANSWER:  We had limited enrollment for 2017/18 due to space issues; incoming 5th grade will be open enrollment; we will have 50 seats available for 6th grade (25 per class)
  • QUESTION:  What about 2nd grade swimming program?
    • ANSWER:  The current pool is farther from new location; Principal Verdiner has reached out to Asphalt Green to see if they have another school in the area.  A parent recommended bussing to the current location, and Principal Verdiner will look into it and it seems possible to schedule bus for recurring trips.

Behavioral issues

  • Principal Verdiner has noticed that there is a lot of meanness at the school, and she is observing in the younger grades
  • She is looking at addressing the underlying social issues for this
  • Looking at a program called “RULER” – she will be observing this program at Thurgood Marshall lower school in the new year
  • She is asking for help from families to implement, and will share how we can help when she is ready

Treasure’s Report

  • Thanks for all who contributed to the School Supplies Drive – our final contributions were $7915 – Fundraising Report shared; will be submitted to Principal
  • Current financials shared

SLT Report

New Location

  • New location has been decided and shared – still pending Townhall and PEP vote – please attend to show that we are involved when things are good as well as bad!
    • Townhall/Joint Public Hearing (January 11 at 6pm, TCCS MPR)
    • PEP Vote (January 24 at 6pm, PS 20 (The Anna Silver School), 166 Essex, Manhattan)
  • Alternating start times are being discussed to alleviate morning drop-off stress for siblings at both locations
  • SLT will talk to Principal Verdiner about a parent activity/walk-though at the new location (probably late summer)
  • After school activities may be in one location


  • QUESTION:  Possible to have a single location for PK through 8th?
    • ANSWER:  Not likely; the current lease is for 10 years, and they were trying to align new least with existing
  • QUESTION:  Currently, we are limited to the building until 7:30 (by Church), will this change at the new location?
    • ANSWER:  Unsure, Laurie will ask SLT

Behavior issues

  • Principal Verdiner is very effected by the behavior problems, especially as they are happening in lower grades
  • Student Council is involved

Assessment – 3rd-6th grades

Committee Reports

TCCS Got Talent

  • Student council is helping
  • 3rd grade and up for most performances
  • 3-5 minute timeslots
  • younger kids can do groups or help other ways
  • auditions will be help for preparedness and appropriateness (not quality)
  • email if you want to be involved!
  • More details coming soon

African-American History Month

  • Parent recommendation:  focus on “blacks in science”

Announcements/Final Thoughts

  • Concerns with after school programs
    • TC Clubs not doing science
    • Free or lower-cost after school desired