SLT General Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2017

September 14, 2017


OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou "Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud" Video

In attendance: M. Cornell, M. Verdiner, S. Glover, C. Sinanan, M. Reveron, M. Sarabia, M. Kelly, N. Streim, K. Kefken, J. Silverman

SLT NEW MEMBERS: M. Reveron, L. Kindred (Not here)

NEW STAFF: Mr. Colwell (PE/Health), Ms. Kramer (Drama)

Met 80% of our staff [CEP goal from last year]
Kim Miles - may take over on SLT for J. Mentor [as part of CB9]



  • To review at next meeting

  • Sarabia and Sinanan to alternate recording minutes

Parent Perception Survey regarding 1st days of school

  • Mostly positive

  • Comments were discussed

  • Discussed: revising the policy of letting parents know who their teachers are

    • Expectation: week before school starts, class and teacher will be revealed

    • REVISING: maybe letting parents K-2 come in on the 1st day


  • Out performed our District in ELA and math but no the city

  • Discussed: will we be able to look at the data by grade


  • To look over before next meeting and discuss any changes


  • AMAZING: Francine Lane taking over the site - took the lead

  • There’s an email component - needs to be further discussed



  • Continuing to support teachers in PDs

  • TCRWP support: K-2 & 3-6

  • SS Staff developer (from TC) focusing on Middle School

  • Algebra for ALL (provides PD for MS teachers

  • Learning Partners Program (LPP) partnered w 2 other schools: PS 11 is one of the schools [we’re the only school in D5]

    • Building capacity

    • Learn & share

    • Studio for Schools (K-1)

  • Music - PA trying to get grants to support these programs

  • Salvadori: continuing 4th - 6th (SKYSCRAPERS)

  • TURNER 2000 will come back for 3rd grade

  • SWIMMING - gr 2

Discussion on concern w/math in Middle School - Ms. Verdiner mentioned the support that is in there until Ms. Beckford gets back



  • There has been progress, we will here more in the upcoming months