PA General Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2018

TC Presentation

Presentation about TC support given by Dr. Nancy Streim

Dr. Nancy Streim presented the annual report on the support TCCS receives from TC; PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the website;

  • Science support - Erik Juliet (Zankel Fellow)
  • SBMC (Mental Health component) - supported by TC faculty and graduate students incorporated in our 2nd Step program;
  • Student enrichment clubs

Principal’s Report

  • Enrichment/intervention in ELA & Math scheduled to begin in February
  • Mr. C (PE teacher) has returned
  • Care-O-Gram - scheduled for Valentine’s Day (conducted by TCCS Student Council);
  • School-wide celebration of 100 days of school with 100 acts of kindness

Treasure’s Report

  • Current financials shared

Committee Reports

Black History Month

  • Bulletin board to celebrate Black History Month;
  • Suggestions for celebrating:
    • Possible essay contest for students;
    • School wide screening of Hidden Figures

TCCS Got Talent Show

  • Date:  Saturday, March 24
  • Grades: 3 & up for individual and group acts
  • K -2 group acts (e.g. RTS, classes, etc.)
  • TCCS Student Council will manage sign-ups;
  • Committees:
    • Venue: Laurie Kindred-Brown & Kim Kefgen
    • Fundraising
    • PR Crew (videographer)
    • Merchandise – Shavon/Laura
    • Refreshments
    • Venue Crew - Day of event - Shavon

Spring Silent Auction - “Harlem Nights”

  • Flyers created and distributed

Spring Fling

  • Anticipated date is Saturday, June 16

Membership Drive

  • The Contribution Campaign for Students (TCCS) - throughout month of March
  • Participation Goals and Fundraising Goals
  • After school Committee
  • Putting out a parent survey soon