SLT General Meeting Minutes - January 18, 2018

January 18, 2018

OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” Video

In Attendance: C. Sinanan, N. Streim, M. Verdiner, M. Kelly, M. Cornell, J., L. Kindred, K. Kefgen, M. Sarabia, S. Glover, E. M. Reveron, J. Silverman, D. Brown

Guests: Clayton (District 5 family leadership coordinator)

Ernest Clayton District 5

  1. Welcome to our visitor from district 5 who is a family leadership coordinator

  2. Sitting in to observe meeting

Review of minutes

  1. No changes

Staff update

  1. Mr. Colwell is back.  Students/staff are very excited, and physical education will resume.


  1. PA gave a grant for Studio in the Schools. Four classes will participate. K-1 classes will end their studio in the schools and 2nd and 3rd grade classes will

  2. YES: Partnership

    1. Program will target students with accelerated learners, or students who show grit and persistence.  They challenge scholars to in subject areas such as math, in building a common language. They provide opportunities for programs and after-school. They help provide  If partnership is offered it will be available to 6th graders. Possibly also 5th grade students who are staying for middle school

    2. YES CEO talked about possibly partnering program with teachers of the school. Teachers.

    3. 20 students will be selected to be in this year’s cohort (within the district 5 schools that participate in program)

    4. If we continue with partnership the a students will be supported into adulthood.

    5. If we continue with the partnership, every year students will have the opportunity to be selected.

  3. Interventions:

    1. After-school programming, limited budget.  2 hours, 1 hour of ELA and 1 hour of Math on Tuesdays and Thursday.

    2. Departmentalized based on  teachers. One teacher will teach two groups of students in one subject area.

    3. Homogeneous grouping.

    4. 62 total students signed up thus far.

Joint hearing reflections

  1. Pleasant experience, parents were grateful but shared next steps and things that they need. Superintendent Rux took notes.

  2. Next step is PEP

Follow up of parent grade 6 meeting

  1. Ms. Glover shared experience: Staff was very nice. Presentation was professional, provided facts about data regarding student grades. Ex. students may be failing for not turning in homework

  2. Provided statistics of 10 non specialized schools, and the criteria for acceptance.

  3. If unacceptable behaviors continue this will lead to extreme consequences.

Follow up from superintendent's visit

  1. Superintendent Rux suggested using RULER as a program

    1. RULER is an acronym that stands for Recognizing, understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulating emotions.

    2. Students recite a few poems in the morning, kids led meditation.  They used mood meter to identify feelings.

    3. Kids said mantra “May i feel happy in my mind” “Think of someone you love” “Think of someone you have a difficult time with and

    4. Ms. Verdiner visited classrooms to see Morning Meeting. Kids lead activities.

    5. Program is in place for 4 years in Thurgood Marshall and has seen progress.

    6. Second Steps is character curriculum, PBIS

    7. Expensive program (about $6000 per school for 3 participates), but is doable.  We can possibly partner with Thurgood Marshall academy (TMA)

    8. Ask Parent Coordinator of TMA to do a workshop for parents at our school on how to use RULER at home

  2. Meeting with Superintendent Rux

    1. Concern about being split school

    2. Need for counselor

    3. Possible support for RULER

    4. We may have an influx of students from closing schools, how will this affect TCCS

    5. Talked about startup fund

      1. When you start a new school you get a projected start up fund.

      2. Budget will include furniture for Lower school

  3. List of what we expect to get

    1. Startup fund

    2. Counselor

    3. Office staff for both staff

Middle school enrollment

  1. 300 applicants between district 5 &6 for TCCS

  2. Siblings do not get preference to middle school if an older sibling is in the Middle school

  3. District 5: 15% ranked us as 1st choice

  4. District wide average of 24% as 1st choice

  5. Ranked within top 3 choice for district: 46%

    1. Right now we are not a top ranked school based on these numbers

CEP review

  1. Looking at benchmark, to see where we are in meeting our goals.


  1. Possible Program: Wait til 8

    1. The Wait Until 8th pledge empowers parents to rally together to delay giving children a smartphone until at least 8th grade.  By banding together, this will decrease the pressure felt by kids and parents alike over the kids having a smartphone.

  2. Safety themes throughout the grades, fire safety, city safety, cyber safety, etc.

  3. Diedra: Complaints from parents in lower grades to CB9 about bullying and other concerns such as overheating.

  4. Youth safety curriculum from DA office