PA General Meeting Minutes - February 27, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • New Drop-off Procedure
  • There has been an ongoing situation with safety for several years
  • Principal met with Safety Committee, but not SLT or PA Board yet
  • Some parents are addressing kids in a confrontational way
  • Not enough staff between 8:20-3:35 – there are a maximum of 2 staff available for all the kids
  • Does not want to wait for something to happen – wants to be proactive
  • Principal would like to have the morning interactions, but student and staff safety comes first
  • Work in progress to figure out a way to make it safer
  • School is having a soft lock-down drill
  • Sargent Bailey joined the meeting
    • In charge of safety
    • Looking to be proactive rather than reactive
    • Available to answer questions when we need her to
  • Questions and answers
    • Question:  Can DOE provide additional staff because of safety?
      • Answer:  Safety is allocated per student.  Our school does things differently, and the DOE generally supports, so they won’t provide additional staff unless we become an unsafe school
    • Question:  What can we as parents do to help?
      • Answer:  PA Board will draft email about acceptable parent behavior and share; there are ways to help as a parent philosophy; PA will discuss with Principal ways we can help and will reach out to parents for additional ideas
    • Question:  Can the teachers help out in the morning?
      • Answer:  No, contractually, their day starts at 8:35
    • Question:  How long will this be in place, especially as the weather gets nicer?
      • Answer:  It is uncertain how long it will be in place.  Principal is open to discussion, and she agrees that we want to have children play together in the morning.
    • Question:  What is the student population required to get another safety officer?
      • Answer:  Around 400 more students.  We will have a safety officer in both school locations.
    • Comment:  Don’t minimize the interactions on the playground for parents as well as kids – it helps us all connect

Ms. Cox is getting a promotion and moving to DOE as an arts coordinator.  Friday will be her last day.

Young Eisner Scholars (YES)

  • Principal is meeting with YES Scholars today
  • Adopting a school; opportunities for 5th and 6th graders
  • Selects 50 students from whole district
  • Private tutoring to get into choice high schools

President’s Report

Membership Drive

  • The Contribution Campaign for Students (TCCS) - throughout month of March Different than the School Supplies Drive (this supports purchases of school supplies)
  • Membership Drives supports activities of the Parent Association such as arts programming, community events, etc.

Looking to develop a jazz band alternative for after school with Phillip Harper

Treasure’s Report

  • Current financials shared
  • Budget Committee - process needs to start in March – think of programs/items that the PA should consider funding
  • Audit Committee needs to be started soon to review our financial transactions and provide a report by end of the school year.  NOTE:  We need to have 2-3 non-PA Board members to audit the records; Peter and Francine (as co-Treasurers) cannot conduct the audit
  • If you are interested in joining either the Budget or Audit committees, please email the PA Board at

Committee Reports

Black History Month

  • Jazz performance on Wednesday, February 28

TCCS Got Talent Show

  • Date change due to March for Our Lives scheduled for March 24. 
  • Proposed April 21 as the new date
  • Will need volunteers the day of our event

Spring Silent Auction - “Harlem Nights”

  •  Date:  May 4th
  • Looking for auction donations
  • Donations due by April 10th
  • Find out more on the website

SLT Reports

Assessment for 3rd – 6th grades

  • Results on school net
  • Email Ms. Leona ( if you need your credentials
  • You can see actual results; an opportunity to discuss wrong answers with your kids
  • Info session for common core testing
  • Overall improvements from Fall to now