SLT General Meeting Minutes - March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018

OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” Video

In Attendance: M. Verdiner, M. Cornell,  M. Sarabia, S. Glover, M. Reveron, C. Sinanan, J. Silverman, (D. Brown)

VISITORS: Ms. Koch, Ms. Lugoheart, Ms. Barr, Ms. Blake

Reading of last months minutes’

  • Staff Update

  • TCCS Lower Building update

  • YES Update  

  • Data Review Update

  • 4:45- 5:15  Welcome PA Executive Board Members: Discuss New Arrival Procedures

Staff update

  • Ms. Uribe is no longer with RTS.  Davis is the head supervisor, he is above Ms. Uribe.  Ms. Kam and Mr. Stevenson are taking the lead until a confirmed candidate is announced. PA Board asked that RTS introduce the new candidate to the parent body.

  • Ms. Cox has moved on to another position, and Ms. Sarabia is taking her place until a new candidate is announced.

TCCS Lower Building update

  • Architects and designer are in contact with Ms. Verdiner, so students are in mind in terms of design and layout.

  • Kitchen/serving area layout will have an entrance and exit section.

  • Basement area  has multipurpose room and serving area/kitchen.

  • Playground will have padding, Nancy is working on grant to get a play structure.

  • Ms. Verdiner shared with 6th grade students the rationale of why the lower grades will be in the new building.

  • We will plan to take a walk to the lower building school with students.

  • Ms. Verdiner will speak to teachers regarding new furniture for lower school classroom. Ex, flexible seating options,

YES Update

  • Some students at TCCS will be offered scholarships to the YES scholarship. Families will have to commit to this opportunity.

  • YES program follows students through college.

  • Students who exhibit grit, have a love for learning, and belong to a family of financial need were candidates for the scholarship.

Data Review Update

  • Grade 3 Math day 1: Multiple choice scores increased overall

  • Grade 3 Math day 2: Short answer, increase in 2’s and 3’s

  • Grade 4 Math  day 1:decrease in 1’s and 2’s and increase in 3’s and 4’s

  • Grade 4 Math day 2: decrease in 1’s and 2’s and increase in 3’s and 4’s

  • Grade 5 Math day 1: went up in 1’s, down in 2’s and up in 4’s.

  • Grade 5 Math day 2: 1’s went down, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s increased

  • Grade 6 Math day 1: 1’s went down and 2’s went up

  • Grade 6 Math day 2: 1’s went down 2’s went up.

  • How can grade 6 parents help students with math? (Parent workshops, Nancy may be able to get TC resources, in helping parents to understand math methods, KHAN Academy

  • School is partnered with Algebra for All, and support teachers.

  • Possibility of having individual advisory conferences with 6th grade students.

Other Announcements

  • District 5 writing challenge: Student in 3rd grade at TCCS won

  • My Brother’s Keeper Initiative: 5 boys are selected to have a mentor

PA Executive Board Members: Discuss New Arrival Procedures.

  • Recruiting moms to visit/encourage/teach  students about something.

  • Ms. Blake: Would like to have playground available before school, for various reasons (community building, face-time, cross grade play)

  • Possible solutions: Send out a letter to parent body regarding expectations of adult behavior when they are on school grounds in the morning.

  • Having a forum for parents to talk.  Parents need to abide by rules and expectations of leaving school grounds at given time.

  • Ms. Verdiner- Things have been smooth thus far in terms of morning arrival.

  • Possible compromise: Indoor line up will continue. Students can play until 8:20 if parent is present.  Guardian must leave at 8:20. PA offers to pay for an additional supervisor to help manage students. Discussion to be continued at safety meeting.

  • Plan for PA to sent letter to parent body regarding what to do if you your child is having an issue with another child.