PA General Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • Mr. Hill, our counselor, is no longer at TCCS. He was supposed to be here for the remainder of school year but was pulled by DOE to cover a maternity leave.
  • We still have school based mental health program here 20 hours per week and next year they will be here full-time.
  • We also continue to have access to TC’s school based mental health partnership
  • Amy Harowley is our current TC Liason (temporarily replacing Ms. Cox until full time replacement is found). Ms. Sarabia is also assisting with TC clubs/afterschool at this time.
  • ELA 3-6 is complete. It went smoothly, fairly low anxiety for students, and children were working productively. Principal Verdiner is very proud of all of our studetns. 
  • Studio in a School for grades 2/3 has begun and will run for 6 weeks. 
  • Grade 4/5 will participate in Studio in a School after Math exams
  • TC is hosing a parenting workshop on bullying, taking place on 4/18/2018 @ 5:30pm in MPR
  • Coming up in May, there will be another TC Parent Workshop on Internet usage/safety.
  • Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!-Participate and support our student council.
  • TCCS Raised $1019.33 from the book fair

New School Update: 

  • Construction is moving along, everything is currently on schedule, classrooms already assigned, necessary improvements should be complete by July/August.
  • The kitchen will need a full 2 years to be completely renovated
  • There will be no construction going on during school hours, only outside of school hours.
  • Principal Verdiner will reach out to Superintendent/SEA to see if a meeting can be held for parents to ask additional questions about construction/timelines, etc.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Money continues to be raised in various fundraisers
  • Budget continues to be adjusted as these new funds come in

President's Report

Membership Drive:

  • Membership drive CONTINUES!
  • All proceeds go toward funding enrichment for our TCCS children
  • Studio in a school was funded to fill in the arts for all grades this year at TCCS.
  • April 16thto 22ndis MATCH WEEK! An anonymous donor will match all donations made this week at 100%

Square1 Art

  • Online orders extended to May 1st
  • Don’t forget to order your legacy tile!-We will be starting a legacy wall at the new location


  • Upcoming Yoga classes to take place at St. Joseph’s Church basement. 
  • If you would like a FREE Yoga Mat, see Saralinda!

Committee Reports

TCCS Got Talent: 

  • Show takes place 4/21
  • Our TCCS children have been working hard and are ready to showcase their talent

Silent Auction:

  • TCCS’ 7thAnnual Parent Social/Silent Auction is just around the corner: 5/4, 6-9pm
  • Get your tickets online OR in person during some a.m. drop offs
  • Online bidding begins Friday April 20th…Share Share Share the online auction link with friends and family, anyone can bid!

PA Executive Board Elections:

  • Get involved, run for office! 
  • Elections take place the evening of 5/15
  • If you have questions, please speak with any PA Board Member!