SLT General Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2018

April 19, 2018

OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” Video

In Attendance: M. Verdiner, M. Cornell, C. Sinanan, N. Striem, M. Kelly, L. Kindred, K. Kefgen, J. Silverman, S. Glover


Reading of last months minutes

Updates from last meeting


    • Three grade 6 students were accepted into the YES Scholarship

  • MBK- Mr. Cornell and Mr.Cruz have volunteered to become a mentor

    • Multiyear mentorship opportunity

    • Implement curriculum twice a week and once a month activities with mentor/mentee.

    • Five students nominated to participate.

Staff update

  • Mr. Hill, our school counselor is no longer here,

  • Officer Benoit is our permanent safety agent at our school.

Middle School Choice Update

  • 79% of 5th grade will be returning

    • 5 students were leaving

    • 2 were accepted into Columbia Secondary School

    • 3 were accepted into a D6 school

    • 1 was accepted into a Design school

  • Ms. Verdiner would like to interview students, have an orientation

  • Bridge Program for Entering 6th Grade students (Both from TCCS and community): Black Rock Forest is a resource TC could help to organize a space in order to host team building activities.

  • Current 6th Grade has 22 students, any new students that enter 7th grade would likely come from middle school enrollment

TCCS Lower Building update

  • Ms. Verdiner met with Space and Planning, they discussed our current school.  Budget can be used to buy middle school materials, and current furniture will be transported to Lower School Building.

  • Timeline: No new information.  However, we did receive the boxes.

  • PA system needs to be fixed,

  • Possibility of PA providing support with moving during summer

  • Bathroom needs to be updated for older students- for example, counters were raised

  • Possibility of adding positive phrases in bathroom with parent support

  • Work orders need to be created for some jobs, ex, painting ceiling

  • Ms. Verdiner was introduced with someone from a Block association for lower building,  


  • Studio in Schools started for 2nd and 3rd grade

  • STEM and Salvadori ended for 3rd grade

  • 5th and 6th will be participating in another art program

  • Health professor talking about bullying

    • 10 parents attended

    • May 9th will be another workshop about internet safety and students

  • Thinking about health curriculum, talking about puberty, hygiene,

  • Ms. Verdiner applied to the RULER model, so that she could attend workshop over the summer

  • Play ground equipment to be removed as it is not age appropriate for Middle school

  • Basketball club to be planned for next school year

TCCS Afterschool update for 2018

  • TCCS Liaison will be hired for next school year

  • There is a plan to combine TC clubs and RTS.

  • It would be hard to run RTS in two schools based on capacity

  • SCA will be working in lower school building, so afterschool for all students will be in flagship site.

    • Students could be bussed from lower school to flagship school.

  • NY Chess kids is a program that is committed for afterschool for next year

  • Ms. Verdiner is reaching out to Sonic (middle school afterschool program) to help coordinate programming.-

  • Right now we are at 41%, but needs to be 61% in order to qualify to be a Title 1 school.

Follow up of Arrival Procedures

  • Town Hall: Families seemed unclear about the rationale for the new procedure

  • Safety Meeting: Discussed option of having a once a month opportunity were the yard is available from 8:00-8:20 on PLP day.

  • Subcommittees are welcome to utilize school grounds for meetings.  

State Testing participation

  • Only 2 students utilized opt out option for ELA

  • Preliminary results in June

  • Scores in August