PA General Meeting for Election Night - OFFICER DESCRIPTIONS

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Please join us for the Parent Association meeting ELECTION NIGHT!

Below are brief descriptions for all positions that will be open this coming Tuesday, May 21st. You should consider running, nominate a candidate and VOTE!

Date: Tuesday, May 21st

Time: 5:45pm

Location: Upper School MPR Room

Duties of the Officers

  • President or Co-Presidents

The President shall supervise and manage all of the business and affairs of TCCSPA, subject to the control and approval of the Board, and specifically shall include but are not limited to the following (click link below for more details)

  • Vice President or Co-Vice-Presidents

Assist the President(s) and shall assume the President(s)’ duties in the absence of the President, or when delegated by the President, or in the event of the President’s inability to act, perform all of the duties and exercise all of the powers of the President, subject to the same restrictions (click link below for more details

  • Secretary or Co-Secretaries

Maintain the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all TCCS PA meetings. Include the preparation of notices, agendas, sign-in sheets and materials for distribution (click link below for more details)

  • Treasurer or Co-Treasurers

Have charge and custody of all monetary assets of TCCSPA and deposit or cause to be deposited all such funds in the name of TCCSPA in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be authorized by the Board. Be responsible for payment of all bills and invoices rendered to TCCSPA (click link below for more details)

More details here for all PA positions: