SLT General Meeting Minutes - May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018

OUR THEME THIS YEAR: Being a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud  Maya Angelou “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” Video

In Attendance: M. Verdiner,C. Sinanan, N. Striem, M. Kelly, K. Kefgen, J. Silverman, M. Sarabia, M. Reveron, S. Glover, D. Brown


Reading of last months minutes

FOLLOW UP from last month:

  • Black Rock Forest (August)- will be ok there’s a date set for the students

  • There has been interest in students coming into our school

    • We can only accept 7th grade or non DOE students - otherwise they need to go through enrollment

  • Ms. V met with the furniture people and ordered office furniture and class furniture

    • Shelving is a different department

  • Budget meeting is coming up - Superintendent Rux will join in the meeting

  • GOT THE SONIC after school programming

    • Looking into the different programming for after school

  • Got accepted to RULER - will be a lot of work

    • Needs to be enforced and throughout - consistent to really get it to work

Staff Update

  • New counselor - Mr. Shaw

    • So far, working out well

    • Relatable to kids

    • Very accommodating to us

    • Here for the rest of the year, may be here for next year as well

PA Elections Update

  • New PA Board

    • 3 returning

    • S. Glover and Blake - co presidents

    • Vye and Medrano - co VPs

    • Francine Lane and Irving - Treasury

    • Robinson and Meyers - Secretaries

  • SLT

    • Saralinda Lugohart

    • Jasmine Paulino

    • Laurie Kindred

    • Discussion on can 2 co-presidents be a part IF (one is elected - )

TCCS Middle School Choice Update

  • 57 students enrolled for 6th grade

School Uniform Policy

  • We have many choices

  • Light Blue tops & Navy bottoms - PK-2

  • Light Blue bottoms & Navy bottoms - 3 - 5

  • Gray tops & Navy bottoms MS

  • Logos on the shirts

  • SHOES - closed toed shoes - can be sneakers

    • Closed toes-closed heels



  • Focus on content area first

  • If able - SS, Sci, Math, ELA, Language, Arts piece (dance or fine arts), Music, Theatre, Counselor

  • Trying to have interest based groups - CLUBS

TCCS Afterschool Update  

  • Enrichment clubs

  • Some are working well

  • Speaking with RTS - TC would subsidize so TC Clubs would still be free

  • Til 5

  • Working out their FEEs

  • Horizons program - additional clubs and activities for additional fees

  • Tiers of choices

  • Free - still K-5 2 choices a week

  • New building will have construction

    • Need to get the kids here (100,000 per year)

May 31st - farewell to Susan Furman

  • 4th & 5th here at TCCS

  • Orchestra and Choir to perform