General Information About Uniforms

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General Information About Uniforms

There have been several questions going around about uniforms including:

  •  the uniform dress code for different grades
  • where to buy uniforms
  • if logo patches are available 

We'll try to provide some answers here. 

You can read more about the dress code in Parent Handbook by clicking the link.

The uniform policy is intended to promote a more effective learning climate; foster school unity and pride; foster self-esteem; eliminate label competition; simplify dressing and minimize cost to the parents; teach children appropriate dress and decorum in their “work” place; and help to ensure positive student conduct.

Our definition of a uniform is:

Elementary Pre-k - 5

  • Shirt- navy/light blue polo/oxford shirt  (Shirts can be short or long sleeved with a collar)
  • Pants/Skirt/Dresses/Jumpers/Shorts - khaki (Navy blue bottoms are an acceptable alternative to khaki in the winter)

Middle School 6-8

  • Shirt- Heather Grey Polo Shirts (Shirts can be short or long sleeved with a collar)
  • Pants/Skirts – navy blue

Where To Get Uniforms

All uniform clothing can be purchased at a store that supplies uniforms or at any store of your choice.  Old Navy, Children's Place, Target, and Walmart all have uniforms, and there are certainly others.

The school offers two additional options - bulk ordering with the school and ordering from Cookies.

Bulk Ordering

TCCS Logo Uniforms are available for bulk ordering with the school.  Order forms and payment must be returned to the school by Thursday, August 2nd.

You can drop your order and payments at the school by Thursday, August 2nd.   You might want to call 212-316-8080 to confirm that someone is available.


TCCS has an account with Cookies, where you can enter our school ID and select from the pieces that adhere to our uniform standards.  Parents receive free shipping on all uniform orders over $49. And, through our "Support Your School"program, 5% of all sales generated through the school's webstore will be donated back to the school to help underprivileged students pay for their uniforms.

You must search on the school code below to get to the Cookies TCCS Webstore:

  • PreK - 5th grade code = Tccse (e is for elementary)
  • 6-8th grade code = Tccsm (m is for middle school)

Logo Patches

Several parents have asked about logo patches - the Parent Association is investigating options for ordering logo patches.  More information will be available soon!