Ordering Uniforms from Cookies

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Ordering Uniforms from Cookies

TCCS has an account with Cookies, where you can enter our school ID and select from the pieces that adhere to our uniform standards. 

The sooner you order uniforms for the upcoming school year, the better!

Click on the link to the right to shop. You must search using the school codes below to get to the Cookies TCCS Webstore:

  • Pre-K – 5th grade code = TCCSE (E is for elementary)

  • 6– 8th grade code = TCCSM (M is for middle school)

Questions? Email Parent Coordinator Elizabeth Bermudez: ebermudez2@schools.nyc.gov

See the sample flyers below for more information:

Elementary School Sample Flyer

Middle School Sample Flyer

Dress Code

You can read more about the dress code in the Parent Handbook by clicking the link to the right.

The uniform policy is intended to promote a more effective learning climate, foster school unity and pride, foster self-esteem, eliminate label competition, simplify dressing and minimize cost to the parents, teach children appropriate dress and decorum in their “work” place, and help to ensure positive student conduct.

Our definition of a uniform is:

Elementary Pre-K – 5

  • Shirt – navy/light blue polo/oxford shirt (Shirts can be short or long sleeved with a collar)

  • Pants/Skirt/Dresses/Jumpers/Shorts – khaki (Navy blue bottoms are an acceptable alternative to khaki in the winter)

Middle School 6-8

  • Shirt – Heather Grey Polo Shirts (Shirts can be short or long sleeved with a collar)

  • Pants/Skirts – navy blue