PA General Meeting Minutes - September 18, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Updates

  • Introduction of TCCS new Parent Coordinator, Elizabeth Bermudez

Curriculum Night:

  • Comparison to last year, 146 families were in attendance

  • Higher attendance at the “upper school” than the “lower school”

  • Need a count of how many families we have in total

Lower School Updates:

  • The space is beautiful, but some work still has to be done

  • No designated full time nurse, which has been addressed. Principal has asked since April about the nurse issue and admits to dropping ball with communication with parents or reaching out for parental support.

  • The plan for a space for a full time nurse was not included to be complete until Phase 2 of construction

  • Parents have voiced major concern over this and with the help of PA Co-President, Laura, reaching out to Superintendent Rux, things began to happen to get things going

 Nurse Update:

  • A temporary room has been identified for a nurse

  • Teachers will need to be trained to administer medicine/epi-pen. Training will be given to all staff and has started this week.

  • 3 week turnaround time for placement of permanent nurse, permanent room to be brought up to code and running

  • Issue of no space for a nurse has gone all the up to the deputy school’s chancellor  of schools          

Other Lower School issues/updates:

  • A.C. unit sits too far out to window and will be pushed in or removed

  • Hot MPR addressed, temporary solution for PA to purchase industrial fans, delivery scheduled for Thursday

  • School play area, need softer play space and will look into leftover grant money received.

  • Recess - Parents should volunteer to support low staff, sign up available

  • Mosquitoes, have been addressed to the DOE, DOE has plan for spraying. Parents advised to treat kids with repellant before school. Issue also at Upper School.

  • Physical Education, children receive in conjunction with movement (i.e. dance) and recess play. Recess has stations set up by Mr. C.

  • Imagination playground will be moved to lower school space. Principal will schedule move.

School Supplies:

  • Supplies have been purchased and received

  • Will be divided up between schools

  • Classes were supplied with the basics for now (i.e. pencils, folders, markers, crayons)

  • Monday, new boards in lower school will be set-up and teachers trained

  • Grant received by Mark Levine’s office to be able to also supply the Upper School with new boards and additional Macbooks


  • Art will begin as soon as a schedule is worked out for Upper and Lower schools, est by Nov/Dec. Art provided for all grades by Studio in a School. 

  • Grant of $100k received will be used for upgrades/updates (i.e. towards padding for play area in Lower School)

  • New communication platform provided by District 5 office, CNXT coming soon

  • TC will hire an assistant to help provide support to the administration

  • Will try to plan a way for Upper School students to visit with the Lower School students -- hopefully soon

New PA Introductions

Treasurer’s Update

School Supplies Drive:

  • Only at ½ of what the PA gave grant for ($11,000)

  • Received 25% participation so far

  • New and more ways to pay

  • Can not give names of those who have not participated 

  • Class parents will be urged to push for participation

President’s Update


  • SLT Opening, will need someone to fill  the seat

Class Parent:

  • Class Parent needed for each grade, PA co-Secretary, Demetria will help facilitate 

Welcome Back Picnic:

  • May have to set a rain-date due to weather for upcoming weekend

  • Will alert parents by Friday

 Hispanic Heritage Celebration:

  • Will plan for an assembly of some sort for both school locations

  • Sponsored and organized by the PA co-Pres, Nicola

  • Possible celebration may include Ballet Hispanico, if anyone knows of a connection we can use

  • PA would like to hang flags in acknowledgement of Hispanic Heritage that our school community may represent. (Brasil, México, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Panamá, Nicaragua etc.)

Picture Day:

  • Need to confirm dates for Upper and Lower schools

  • No parent volunteers as to control crowding around on the day of

  • Sibling pictures may not happen, would have to work out logistics and may not be able to

Square 1 Art:

  • Will be lead by PA co-President, Dustin Vye this year

  • Earlier program date for delivery by the holidays

  • Will use some of the same projects as in past years to be able to use of remaining overage of supplies. 7th grade will have new project

  • Volunteers will be needed

  • Dates TBD, aiming for Mid-October

  • Tiles from prior sessions (for lower school grades) will be going over to the lower school soon