TCCS Got Talent


TCCS Got Talent 2018

We all know it, TCCS Got Talent!  Our students get to strut their stuff on

Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 1pm

This is a time for our kids to show off their singing, dancing, juggling, magic, drama, or whatever talent they have! TCCS Got Talent is a fun and non-competitive talent show open to TCCS students.  Grades 3 and above are invited to perform solo or as a group, and younger grades are invited to participate as a group (such as a class or after-school group).  Families and the TCCS Community are invited to enjoy the show!  And volunteer!  We need help to put on this show.  See below to see which TCCS Got Talent Crew is right for you! 

Auditions will be held to make sure that performers have an appropriate and prepared act, not for talent or skill.  Students will be expected to attend rehearsals and practice on their own.

More information coming soon!

Join a TCCS Got Talent Crew

This show is going to be awesome, but we need your help to do it!  Please let us know which Crew is for you!  Every Crew (except Venue Crew,) has things that can be done independently and at home at your leisure!  

2018 TCCS Got Talent Crew.png