PA General Meeting Minutes - October 16, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Welcome address given by PA President

New Holiday Fundraising

  • Presented by PA Co-President, Nicola M.

    • Prestige Fundraising opportunity, will be back packed in time for holiday ordering

    • 40% - 50% in fundraising opportunity for school when place orders placed online or mail-in orders (funds to be collected in school, payable to TCCS PA)

Dr. Nancy Streim of TC College Address

 Along with TC Colleague/TCCS Liaison - Amy Hawley

  • What is TC’s Role in TCCS

    • Curriculum Development

      • TC Reading/Writing Project

        • Also used in other schools, but schools may use in a different way

      • Middle School, Social Studies and Science Support

      • School Based Mental Health

        • 2nd year with this collaboration

        • Provided by phycologist student in training in all classrooms with teachers

        • 4 in total provided to the school on a whole, time is divided to be able to visit all classes

        • Work with students and help to plan strategies for children with behavioral/emotional issues

        • Social/Emotional support

        • PBIS reward system

    • Academic Support/Services

      • Music

        • All grades receive music instruction

        • 3rd graders are introduced to violin

          • PA will try provide a “cheat” sheet for those who may want to continue violin after 3rd grade of programs in the area

        • 4th thru 7th receive various music instruction (choir, orchestra, digital music, musical arrangement)

      • Reading Rescue (lower grades)

        • Grad students trained to work with children specifically in this area

      • Math Intervention

      • Digital Literacy

      • Environmental Sustainability (first year) -Started by 2 fellow Grad Students

        • 2 TCCS parents attended as well, notes shared with community

      • After School Clubs

        • TC Clubs, 163 Students currently enrolled.

        • Kindergarten thru 7th

          • Grades 6 & 7 are in orchestra only

          • 6th thru 8th grade after school provided by Noel Pointer Foundation - free through a grant

*How can more afterschool be provided and supported by TC

(Funding/fundraising/donations (either by TC or parent body)

*Our school does not qualify as Title 1 or for free services offered to Title 1 schools.

-Title 1 has to be 61% of school community, TCCS is at approximately 40%

(Parents are reminded that even though we all qualify for free lunch, lunch questionnaires should still be filled out. As this is how funding opportunities are provided.)

    • Professional Development

      • Consists of teachers going to TC for various training throughout the year

      • Teachers may rotate to take part in these development classes, subs are provided by TC usually

      • Weekend/Summer institutions that they can opt out of

      • Co-teaching with teachers in Science/Social Studies

        • A Parent component to the reading/writing project (workshops) may be possible

    • School Planning/Governance & Operations

      • TC/TCCS Liaison

      • Lunch/Recess assistance

      • Lower School program assistance

      • TC Administrative Services

    • Partnership/Fundraising

      • We’ve received a couple of grants as a school community

      • one for $10,000, another for $100,000

      • Investors continue to have an interest in TCCS

Calculating the Value of TC Contributions

  • Annual report on cash versus in-kind contributions

  • Still remains a debate (tension)  as to where money should go

    • Parents want more after school support

    • Administration want other things

  • Where contributions should go

    • Expertise

      • TC Staff/Faculty time toward school/Curriculum/Staff Development

      • TC Reading/Writing Project

    • Services

      • School day/After school instruction

      • Classroom Curriculum/Administrative Assistance

      • After school group leaders

    • Other Services

      • Books/Materials for classrooms & clubs etc. Musical instruments

      • Principal Discretionary funds

      • Special events, students/staff recruitment

      • Use of TC facilities

Thank you to all Square One Arts Volunteers

Character Day - Halloween October 31st

Giving Thanks Social

  • To be held at Upper School at November 20th from 3:15PM - 4:05PM

  • Will include ALL FAMILIES from both schools

SLT new member

  • Vote in November

PA Bylaws


  • Busing still an issue

  • More sports in school, may require additional gym teacher, more funding,etc.

    • Maybe something to forward to SLT

    • Reach out to community based sports programs (PAL, etc.)