PA General Meeting Minutes - November 26, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes

Welcome/Treasurer Update

  • Francine: Request parents to go online to review the PA Bylaw for 501(c)(3) in order to vote on non- for- profit status/ tax exempt to receive unlimited contribution from individual, applying for educational grants and corporations etc. Bylaws were drafted by lawyers specializing in tax exempt law.

School Leadership Team New Member Vote

  • Shaqua Randle fellow TCCS parent lead voting for new SLT member. Discussed role of SLT with input  and description from parent who served previously.

  • Position is available due to middle school parent leaving the school

  • Position is for 2 years

  • Meetings are open to public/school community, you can sit in but not ask questions

    • Parents provided with SLT handouts with description & overview SLT purpose.  

    • Nomination / Vote

    • Voted in : Mr. Achisimach Yisrael

    • In attendance 21 Parents

    • 7 TCCS PA representatives

NY Cares Coat Drive

Nicola addressed as TCCS Community Service Efforts

  • Start Date 11/27/2018 to 12/18/2018

  • Coats (new/gently used) will be collected and taken to precinct drop off

  • Hats/Scarves can also be collected

  • Bins for each school locations will be available soon

Food Drive Canned Goods

  • Keep and collect perishables to be donated.

  • Boxes will be at both school locations soon to start collection efforts.

Square 1st Arts - Last Chance!

Dustin addressed and encourage parents extended timeline last chance to order student’s art works.

  • Urge parents to order so TCCS can receive 20% back to invest back into art programs. Just $55 away from receiving 33%. Parents can order previous art works just need to know the code or have  setup a profile on website.

Other Topics Discussed

Shavon welcomed new SLT member

  • Superintendent is pushing for TCCS PA/SLT to become more involved with surrounding school communities and will urge outside parents to attend meetings to see how we run our meetings.

Parent Concerns/Discuss with Principal

  • PE concerns taking away from students due to misbehavior.

    • Lower grades should have movement everyday/Upper grades 90 min. a week

    • Informed  parents NYC/ DOE has a national program called  SPARK provided curriculum, training to teachers to implement movement in classroom

    • Dustin addressed PE is limited in LS due to  space and playground area not padded etc however on good weather days students use imaginary play equipment. Playground SCA Phase II construction will start in Spring SY 18-19. Nicloa shared Danza Espana residency dance company will provide dance/movement for LS.

  • PE/Recess taken away as form of punishment

  • Transportation for families in both schools

  • RTS after school program high cost

  • TC should provide assistance ( subsidy )for after school program/ care with RTS  

  • TC Clubs only provided for ⅔ days

  • Reading / Math extra help for all students and not limited seats

  • TC / TCCS receiving additional student teachers/ work study  

  • PE for LS/ US