PA General Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Opening remarks from Principal Verdiner and Parent Coordinator Bermudez

Principal’s Update

  • Success of school fundraiser, Scholastic was more successful than ever before.

  • Studio in the School has begun across all grades

  • Partnership with Danza Espana is going well

  • Our TCCS orchestra performed at Harlem School of the Arts for a 125th celebration. Many have impressed and have sent many thanks for the performance.

  • Senator Brian Benjamin visited with our school. His platform is education and plans to help with his connections since he cannot financially at this time.

  • An anonymous donation has been received in the amount of $10,000.

Treasurer Update

  • Gave a grant to the school of $11,000. Parents donated $8,180 back which is a net loss of $2,820

Square 1 Art & Prestige Fundraisers went great!

  • Both Square 1 and Prestige were successful

    • Square 1 made profit of over $1,316.50

    • Prestige made profit of close to $2,000

  • Parents voice concerns over communication between student/home & teacher in regards to classwork and homework help

    • PLP is a way to see in the class and know what work is being done

    • Can use afternoon meeting w/teacher for one-on-one

    • Principal will address the way teachers communicate with home

  • Parents/PA offer that math help can be found on YouTube, Khan Academy, Math apps.

    • PA will be working on a resource page to offer help

  • If something consistent can be used across all the teachers to communicate with home like classroom Dojo

    • Can class parents advocate for teachers to use

  • PC Bermudez addresses that the recent help offered by district 5 resource center is not open to students outside middle school and high school grades. An exception will not be made for 5th graders. However, the district is working on something for elementary school grades.

  • We do not have a full-time counselor, yet

    • To address behavioral, social/emotional issues we have the School Based Mental Health Center through TC with class room consultants who visit the classroom twice a week and work in conjunction with teachers. May work with small group or children in need one-on-one to offer in school or outside help.

    • Lead by Dr. Karen Rosenfeld

    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 cases

      • Tier 1= Redirection required, use of behavior charts (or other) to stay on task etc.

      • Tier 2= May need to get pulled out for individualized help

      • Tier 3 = May need to be pulled out on a high frequency. Benefit from small group.

    • Follow 2nd Step Social/Emotional curriculum

  • We do offer/have more resources than other schools in the district as far as social/emotional support

  • PA has had extensive conversations with Principal Verdiner and Ms. Barr about ongoing behaviors in school

  • Help can be offered by administration, but cannot be forced upon families

    • Administration has been working as best they can to help by making outreach to those parents in need

    • Children in crisis also need protection

    • If something major happens, a call is made home

    • An issue can only be addressed when the administration is made aware of it

    • Community have to have trust in the administration that the right thing will be done when an issue arises.

  • PA to repost Chancellor's Regulations with steps Administration will take when dealing with behavior issues.

  • Principal Verdiner acknowledges that every Monday she gives a morning address to the students

    • Grades 3 thru 7 in the MPR

    • Go over schedule for the week

    • Pep Talk

    • Would love student council to lead, but they are not ready yet

Upcoming Events-

Wednesday Night 5PM RTS Showcase

Black History Month Assembly- date TBD - Last week of February. Looking to have it at IS 286 so both schools can come together. (Pre-k thru 7th grade)

TCCS GOT TALENT- March 30th @ IS 286.

  • Students can perform as an individual or in a small group.