PA General Meeting Minutes - January 15, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes


In the absence of Principal Verdiner who is at open house at Lower School, PA Co-President Laura Blake welcomes parents

Principal’s Update

(delivered by PA Co-President Laura Blake)

  • Lower School Updates

    • Safety Agent Espinosa has left her position to pursue another position within the police department.

    • Safety Agent Green has been in place, for now, he is not sure if this will be his permanent assignment.

  • Low staff continues to be an issue.

  • Current budget is split between both school buildings and hiring additional staff is not in the budget.

  • A doorbell has been installed for times when the safety agent is not at the his post. Parents please ring bell if door is locked before leaving your children unattended.

    • Can teachers post in Class Dojo

    • Can Parent Coordinator blast in School Cnxt

    • Administration should be sure to alert parents to this

Spirit Week

  • Flyers came out from Student Council and will be backpacked

  • It’s a little earlier this year

  • Will run from January 28 - February 1

  • Will include both lower school and upper school


  • Sponsored by our student council

  • Happening on Valentine's Day as in the past

  • Chocolate will be allowed again as per Principal Verdiner at the Upper School only because the older children complained about not having it as an option last year.

  • Student council is still determining how to spend the money they raise, including last years money.

Picture Re-take Day (Upper School)

  • Will take place this Friday, 1/18 at the Upper School and 1/31 at the Lower School.

  • Envelopes will go out for sibling pictures with a note on how to order.

  • Will be backpacked prior to the day of

  • Contact PA with issues other than retake issues so we can try to help resolve with Lifetouch

  • Default background only for sibling pics (gray)

Treasurer Update

  • 2018-2019 Budget vs Actuals info shared in handout

  • Square 1 Art gross income was $1,316

  • Next Box Tops collection will be March 1, will coordinate to make announcement. $$192 collect from last collection

  • Parent Dues will happen soon, deciding on a date in April or May

  • Fundraising efforts is the reason that the PA has been able to fully pay for ALL ART programming

By-Law Vote

  • Unanimous vote on updated By-Laws by all in attendance

  • We are a Non-profit in New York State

  • Waiting for information as to when we can start applying for grants

Black History Month Assembly

  • We will have a school wide celebration on February 28th or date we have to confirm

  • Will be held at Shavon Glover’s (PA Co-President) home school (where TCCS Got Talent was held)

  • Both Upper and Lower schools will attend

  • Parents will be able to attend

  • Performance based event, maybe a guest speaker-trying to confirm

  • HSA has committed to a dance presentation

  • Will start in the morning, approximately 9AM with speaker then performance

TCCS Got Talent

  • Will be held end of March. March 30th

  • Parent/SLT member, Laurie Kindred has signed up to assist with talent as well as Ms. Carter, possibly Ms. Kramer

  • Children will have to be able to practice routines, especially if performing in groups

  • Information will go out, for parental and student consent and sign-up soon

Other Topics

  • Would be great if parents had a list of all DOE sites to access children's information/grades

    • suggestion from fellow parent who is also a teacher, school uses Bloom. Similar to Facebook where all information, news,photos, etc. can be shared in one space.

  • Will we get the Math/ELA coaching as in past years?

    • Principal Verdiner is waiting to be notified if she has the budget to do so. Parents will be notified.

  • Notes from SLT member, Laurie Kindred, wanted to share in reference to not having a counselor

    • We do have the SBMHC program that is provided by Teachers College

    • Not a counselor but is more hands on throughout the grades up to 5th grade only

      • Program details:

        • One classroom consultant in each classroom twice a week

        • Up to 5th grade (6th and 7th doesn’t have)

        • Social/behavioral issues/ small groups

        • More classroom interaction than having a counselor

        • Work w/teachers to identify and deescalate

        • Lead by Dr. Karen Rosenfeld, who helps work one-on-one with high risk and high need kids

        • Consultants will like to continue to tackle issues in conjunction with parents

        • Some parents seemed unaware of the program.

        • If there is an issue you always contact your child’s teacher first, then the administration

        • Girls workshop information shared by Nicola Medrano (PA, Co-VP)

          • Happening February 3

          • Need up to 20 girls

          • Offsite space

          • Scholarship available

          • Girls 9 - 12 (will accept 8 year olds)

          • $40 which include lunch

          • Topics will be: Beautiful You and Love Yourself

          • Will post information to TCCS parent fb page, class parents or contact Nicola directly for information

  • Has there been any update on Physical Education issue

    • PA issue? SLT? will discuss with Principal Verdiner

    • Limited time of movement still an issue according to parents

    • Is there any resolve on more instruction time

    • Mr. C’s teaching style still a topic by many parents

    • With the cold weather and not being able to access outside space (at LS) what is in place/what’s the fix for now

Next Up…

Parent Social/Silent Auction will be May 3rd

  • Theme: Havana Nights

  • Parent organizer, Marianne Soohoo will need volunteers.

    • PA to vet soon

  • Will need to really push communication to all families, especially new families.

  • Working on childcare with RTS staff, would have to get permission

  • Considering some of the parents that were big donors/contributors have moved on from the school community, should other outreach efforts be made within the school neighborhood to solicit  donations

    • suggestion: parents who can gather and go door-to-door in the neighborhood to get donations

  • Online start will be earlier than event

  • An Alumni database would be helpful in this type of event

  • Raffle as a tie-in for fundraising