PA Board Election Night - Tuesday, May 15 at 5:45



Tuesday, May 15 at 5:45

It's PA Board Election night!  Come to run, or come to vote!  Refreshments will be served, and childcare will be provided.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we would love to have a PA Board that represents both of our school locations.  If you are a parent leader and want to help put your ideas into action, consider running for a position on the PA Board.



Supervise and manage all of the business and affairs of TCCSPA, subject to the control and approval of the Board

Vice President or Co-Vice-Presidents  

Assist the President(s) and assume the President(s)’ duties in the absence or delegation of the President

Secretary or Co-Secretaries

Maintain the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all TCCSPA meetings; include the preparation of notices, agendas, sign-in sheets and materials for distribution

Treasurer or Co-Treasurers

Have charge and custody of all monetary assets of TCCSPA

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