Teacher Appreciation Week - The BEST Teachers BAR NONE!


Help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week from May 14 - May 18!  

This year's theme is:

Our teachers are the Best, BAR NONE

Each day we will decorate and create a treat in the teachers lounge.   

We're looking for volunteers and BIG TIME HELP to make next week -- May 14 to May 18 --  a very successful Teacher Appreciation Week for our incredible staff.  A little work by many makes for an amazing BAR for all.

Teacher Appreciation Week Schedule

MONDAY (5/14) - Coffee and Breakfast bar - K and 6th grade parents

TUESDAY (5/15) - Salad bar - PreK and 5th grade parents

WEDNESDAY (5/16) - Candy Bar - 1st and 4th grade parents 

THURSDAY (5/17) - Popcorn Bar - 2nd and 3rd grade parents 

FRIDAY (5/18) - Happy Hour Appetizers - the PA Board will take care of this day  

What we need:

  • In the morning, 1 to 2 volunteers to help set up before school. Between 7:30a and 8a for 5/14 coffee setup. Any time after drop off for the other days is fine.
  • In the afternoon, 1 volunteer to help clean up.
  • From ALL parents: volunteers to bring food & decorations. (E.g. on Monday, related to coffee/breakfast; on Tuesday, related to salad; etc.)

Please contact your class parent or paboardtccs@gmail.com to volunteer!