Questions About the DOE’s Promotion Standards?

As published on June 11, 2018 on the NYC DOE's official blog The Morning Bell

With the 2017–18 school year just about ready to come to an end, many families across NYC have questions about their children’s academic status heading into the summer break:

  • Does my child have to go to summer school? 
  • Will my child graduate/get promoted to the next grade level later this month? 
  • What else does my child need to do to finish off the school year?

Over the next couple of weeks, City schools will answer many of these questions by mailing Promotion Decision letters and summer school recommendations to families. Students who not meet the City’s promotion standards for his or her grade level will soon receive written recommendations for summer school instruction.

Parents and/or students who have concerns about their schools’ promotion/summer recommendations have the right to obtain more information and appeal school promotion decisions, so students and parents should speak with their teachers, counselors, and principals directly for all promotion/graduation-related questions.

Have general questions about the City’s promotion standards?

  • Chancellor’s Regulation A-501 provides a detailed overview of the DOE’s promotional policies for K–12 students.
  • Our Graduation Requirements webpage for high school students details New York State’s requirements for Regents and Advanced Regents diplomas
  • The DOE’s Summer in the City page provides an overview of this year’s Summer School program, including key dates, school availability, and enrollment information.

On behalf of the DOE, we wish all of our students a strong finish to the school year!