REMINDER: TC Clubs Enrollment Priority Deadline is Monday August 26th, 2019


If you haven’t signed up for TC Clubs yet, please do so by August 26th to secure your child’s spot! You can still enroll by September 6th, but we can’t guarantee you’ll get your first choice.

You can enroll through the following link:

You can also find out more information from the TCCS website

If you want to enroll in the Roads to Success program, you can do so below:

Lower School (Grades K-2):

Upper School (Grades 3-5):


  • TC Clubs and RTS are offering after-school programming for grades K-5 only. The exception is orchestra, which is open to students in grades 4-8.

  • After school will be held at both TCCS locations. Start and end times are shown on the enrollment forms.

Questions about TC Clubs? Contact Katy Maiolatesi at

Questions about RTS? Contact Kamla Hall at