REMINDER: TCCS Got Talent - Sign-Ups due TOMORROW!


Sign-Ups OPEN

Sign-up deadline is Friday, March 1st!

TCCS Got Talent 2019

We all know it, TCCS Got Talent!  Our students get to strut their stuff at the TCCS Got Talent show on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 1pm

This is a time for our kids to show off their singing, dancing, juggling, magic, drama, or whatever talent they have! TCCS Got Talent is a fun and non-competitive talent show open to TCCS students.  Grades 3 and above are invited to perform solo or as a group, and younger grades are invited to participate as a group (such as a class or after-school group).  Families and the TCCS Community are invited to enjoy the show!  And volunteer!  We need help to put on this show.  See below to see which TCCS Got Talent Crew is right for you! 

To Participate:

In order to participate, students must do the following: 

1.    Sign-up for Previews

  • Students must sign-up for previews by March 1

  • Students with a serious interest in performing are invited to sign-up and attend a preview

  • Sign-up requires submitting the TCCS Got Talent Participation Contract to their teacher, student council representative, the main office, or by emailing it to TCCS Got Talent

  • Students are allowed to participate in only one solo act, but up to three total acts

  • If the act contains multi-grade participants, each student must fill out a form separately

  • The music chosen must be age appropriate and can be no longer than 5 minutes

  • If the kids need help getting their acts together, please contact us for help!



2.   Practice

  • Students need to prepare for previews with a clear idea of their performance

3.   Attend Previews

  • Previews are required and are intended to ensure that performances are appropriate for all audiences and have been thought-out, not to judge talent or skill

  • Students should be prepared to share a portion of their performance

  • Previews are a chance for feedback in terms of music choice, personation, ideas, etc. to help enhance the performance

  • Performers must provide music (if needed) at the preview, although props or costumes are not necessary for previews

    • Recorded music should be on a flash drive or emailed prior to previews to TCCS Got Talent

    • Parents, please review the content of any lyrics prior to sending them

4.   Practice

  • Rehearsals are great, but they are to get students used to the stage and the flow

  • Students must practice their performances in addition to the official dress rehearsals 

5.   Attend Rehearsals

  • Rehearsals are requiredto practice transitions and get a feel for the stage

6.   Sign and submit the TCCS Got Talent Publicity Release Form

  • Must be submitted by the first rehearsal in person or by email by emailing prior to the first rehearsal to TCCS Got Talent

7.    Abide by the following Behavior Rules and Guidelines

  • Students are required to follow the same rules of behavior that exist in the classroom and during every day school activities, but most importantly:

    • Students are to be respectful and considerate of each other

    • Students are to be seated quietly when it is not their turn on stage (feel free to bring homework, a book or something else you can do quietly at your seat while waiting for your turn)

    • Students MUST be chaperoned by a parent/guardian for the rehearsals and performance to participate


1.    Sign-up – Due by Friday, March 1

·      Preview availability included on the TCCS Got Talent Participation Contract

2.   Previews – March 4/5/6

·      You will be notified of your Preview time by March 3

3.   Dress Rehearsals

First Dress Rehearsal

  • Saturday, March 16 from 10 – 1pm – Child must be accompanied by parent or guardian

  • Location:  TCCS Upper School MPR 

Day Before the Show Dress Rehearsal

  • Friday, March 22 from 4 – 5:30pm – Child must be accompanied by parent or guardian

  • Location:  Auditorium at Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts (UASPA) (509 W. 129th St.) 

4.   Performance

Performance Call – Day of show

  • Saturday, March 23 at 11:30am – Child must be accompanied by parent or guardian

  • Location:  Auditorium at Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts (UASPA) (509 W. 129th St.) 

For questions, please reach out to Laurie Kindred or Laura Blake by email at


Join a TCCS Got Talent Crew

This show is going to be awesome, but we need your help to do it!  Please let us know which Crew is for you!  Every Crew (except Venue Crew,) has things that can be done independently and at home at your leisure!  

2018 TCCS Got Talent Crew.png