PA General Meeting Minutes - October 15, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes


Picture Day

  • Upper School November 1st- Makeup/Sibling day January 17th

  • Lower School November 15th-Makeup/Sibling Day January 24th

  • Sibling photos can only be accommodated if your children are in the same building due to the logistics of both buildings

  • The last few years only PA has assisted on picture day along with teachers and staff.  It makes it easier, less hectic and has worked well. In the past when we have had parents sign up it doesn’t always go so well.

  • Class pictures should be included with order. We are working with a new rep. 

  • Order online if possible

SLT- School Leadership Team Vote 

  • Requires a quorum of at least 2 of the 3 core representatives to be in attendance( UFT Rep, Principal  and PA President and then and remainder of the team, which includes teachers, administration and parents.

  • Major decisions are being voted on (CPE, How budget is used, curriculum, safety)

  • If you miss 3 consecutive meetings you can be voted out by consensus 

  • Currently we are not compliant because we need to fill one parent seat

  • SLT does not decide on the lunch menu, that is done by school Food

  • SLT minutes are posted to school website

  • One volunteer, one on the fence (due to scheduling)

  • Voted in Jamie Jones, Pre-k parent

Giving Thanks Social

  •  Both school buildings are invited to the Upper School

  • Held on Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 11/26

  • Starts after regular dismissal (4PM?)

  • Families are asked to bring a dish that is based around “harvest” (corn, apples, etc). Included with an ingredient card to alert to any allergies.

  • PA will provide drinks

  •  TCCS Canned Food Drive Kick-off!  Bring a canned food item for entry. Check dates, include kids when shopping for canned items, check dates if cleaning pantry at home.

  • Food will be donated to church near upper school (largest pantry in the city) St. Joseph

  • Cans will stop being collected before Christmas

Coat Drive

  • Will start in December, run through January

  • Former PA member Nicola, will help organize and distribute coats to local drop off

  • Donated items should include coats, gloves, layering items (sweaters, vest), only hats with tags (new) are accepted because of lice. 

Treasurer’s Updates

  • Proposing a change to the budget to include:

    • funding for 8th grade art

    • additional $675 needed

    • Studio in the School funding will go up from$16,400 to $17,075

    • will have to vote at next meeting

  • There has been a bump in Amazon sales 

    • additional $200 made from online sales

    • find code on our school site

  • School Supplies Drive

    • Will wrap by end of October

    • Would like to push participation through class parents

    • Currently at 29% participation only

    • Requested a list of itemized supplies that teachers ask for and what’s ordered 

Lower School lunch & art help

  • Wednesday 10:50 - 12:20

  • Starting in 2 weeks, 10/30 kick-off

  • Will need volunteers, email PA

Upper School Playground

  • Will need to revisit with SLT & PA

  • Not age appropriate, eyesore, taped off and broken

  • DOE not responsible to replace since it was received as a donation from (at time) Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer.

  • Can we get volunteer parents to break it down and remove

  • Once removed, SCA can step in for a solution for the space

    • Parents can use resources by contacting connections in construction, Janis Properties, Taystee Development

    • Can we go back to (current) Manhattan Borough President

  • Capital Expenditure grants being offered currently

Hispanic Heritage 

  • Danza Espana working on dates for performance and residency start

  • classes offered at lower school only (currently) 

  • last year only included 1st and 2nd grade

    • not sure if they will expand


  • Is sports being taught during class

  • Middle School is mandated to have gym twice a week

  • Only have budget for 1 gym teacher across both buildings

    • considered 1 school, even though we have 2 buildings

  • Can TC students (aides) be brought in for volunteering

  • Need more movement in lower grades

  • Can we utilize more TC/Columbia space and resources

    • Rock Climbing facility offered Community Program

    • Art gallery

Square One Art

  • Will be in Spring, March/April

  • Will need parent volunteers

  • Former PA rep will help lead again

  • 2 parents over 2 days

  • Projects differ by grade

Prestige Fundraising

  • Successful fundraising event 

  • Will receive catalogs soon

  • Can share with families and co-workers



Information for 5th Grade and 8th Grade parents getting ready for the Middle School and High School application process.

  • Important Dates and Info Sessions

  • Application Process

  • Attend Fairs in District 5/District 6 for Middle School and throughout the City for High School.

  • Open House Sessions

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PA General Meeting Minutes - September 17, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome

  • 2019/2020 PA Executive Board Introductions

  • Principal’s Updates

    • Parent Newsletter will go out soon.

    • No longer using the SchoolCXNT system for communication

    • If you are not signed up for the newsletter, please share your email address

    • Hopefully by the time student lead conferences, new system will be in place

    • Curriculum night at the Lower School was successful, 60 families visited.

      • They were given a tour of the new space      

      • Hoping for a good turnout at the Upper School as well

      • We currently need 1 seat filled on SLT

      • This is a very special year with a full pre-k to 8th grade

      • We are a recognized school

      • Things are looking great with the addition of the new pre-k section

      • It’s a good start to the school year, with walk around class visits being done by Ms. Barr and Ms. Diaz as well. The kids seem happy and the energy amazing so far.

      • Still trying to raise funds for the updated water stations at the upper school. We need $6,000 and have raised about $1,500 so far. Would like to get 3, but right now may be able to get one.

    • Zero Waste program will match fundraising efforts, but we did not raise enough.

    • Continue to share the link with co-workers, family

  • Cell phone policy did come about due to misuse by students last year. There were issues with the phones being used at the wrong times and it became an issue.

    • DOE does give a general contract that are more disciplinary

    •   Any parent suggestions on how the issues should be further addressed can be sent to the PA who will communicate the message

  • Dad’s Bring Your Kids to school event was cancelled for a couple of reasons. Some parents complained that their children feel excluded; there are some dads that bring their kids every day.

    • Last year it was cancelled district wide due to the weather

    • Also scheduling this year didn’t make it possible

    • Will maybe plan for activities next year

    • Maybe change the name of the event, “Care Giver Day”

  •  Guest Speaker- Shatema Williams- Figure Skating in Harlem

    o   Afterschool program for girls only and offers academic support, financial literacy, public speaking skills, STEM, travel/sisterhood

    o   Program runs from October – March

    o   Info left with school

    o   Some TCCS students currently attend, a couple are newly signed up

    o   Does not provide transportation from the school to the program


  • Vote on TCCS PA becoming a PTA

    • Becoming a PTA is a way we can connect more to the needs and support of Teachers and vice-versa. Will help to make teachers feel included in some decisions, may be a way to help with retention.

    • PA executive board would meet with teacher every other month

    • Teacher would only meet with PA executive board

    •    Will effect by-laws and would have to be amended

    • In the process of changing by-laws now for 5013-C status as well, can do at the same time.

    • *Majority voted to make PA a PTA! PASSED

  •  Consider running for SLT- School Leadership Team Vote will be at the October PA Meeting- 10/15 @8:45AM at the LS

    o   Need one seat filled

    o   Meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of the month, however meeting will be September 26th this month only due to curriculum night

    o   Consider running for SLT, vote will be at the next PA meeting – Oct. 15 at Lower School


  • Treasurer’s Updates

    o   Parents will receive copy of budgets each meeting

    o   (Francine) using a new system and it may look a little different than before

    o   School supplies drive, PA ask for donations to pay towards granted given to the school. Goal is $11,000

    • Participation is just as important, give what you can that can count toward the participation goal of 100%

    •   Can request am audited list of supplies ordered for teachers from the Principal

    • Parent suggest more may participate if given a specific list of what supplies are given

    • Looking into system with the ability to accept monthly payments.

    • Supply Drive (grant) was started by previous PA President who suggested the grant, that started at $4,000, to make it easier to receive supplies directly to the school. Parents were given the chance of not having to go out shopping and toting tons of supplies on the first days of school.

  •  Lower School lunch & art help

    o   Lead by Ji (PA, VP) along with the help of donated parents time/supplies

    o   During lower school lunchtime, twice a week

    o   Rotate with outside play so all kids have a choice to participate

  •  PA email subscription & closed Facebook group

  • Additional Topics

     o   Parent has applied for a bike rack at the Lower School location through 311. How long does it take?

    o   PA waiting on approve of event dates from the Principal and will share a list of events and dates. Will post and share with class parents to communicate as well.

    o   Will PA help with 8th grade activities this year? Is it a consideration i.e. graduation dues, prom, trip, party etc.

    • There is a 8th grade committee who will be working with parents, Ms. Shen and 8th grade homeroom teacher to get info. out.



On Thursday, September 19, visit classrooms and meet teachers during one of two different sessions. Kids can enjoy movie night with childcare provided by Roads To Success.

Session 1 - 4:00PM - 5:05PM

Session 2 - 5:10PM - 6:15PM

*NOTE: due to curriculum night, Noel Pointer Foundation (Middle School after-school programming) will be CANCELLED.

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Click the Logo and Don't Forget to Use the TCCS Code If You Shop Amazon

Click the Logo and Don't Forget to Use the TCCS Code If You Shop Amazon

Don’t forget to click the Amazon logo (and save to your favorites) to support the TCCS Parent Association! Use our link by clicking the logo when and shop at Amazon, you can support the TCCS Parent Association!  We get a percentage back from purchases, including Amazon Prime memberships!

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2019-2020 Welcome from the TCCS PA Executive Board/Bienvenido de la Junta Ejecutiva de TCCS PA

2019-2020 Welcome from the TCCS PA Executive Board/Bienvenido de la Junta Ejecutiva de TCCS PA

We want to welcome you to TCCS if this is your first year OR welcome you back if you are a returning family! 2019-20 is going to be an exciting year with many events & activities that give everyone a chance to get to know our fantastic TCCS families, faculty & staff.

¡Queremos darle la bienvenida a TCCS si este es su primer año O darle la bienvenida de nuevo si es una familia que regresa! 2019-20 será un año emocionante con muchos eventos y actividades que les darán a todos la oportunidad de conocer a nuestras fantásticas familias, profesores y personal de TCCS.

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