PA General Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2017

  1. Call to order

  2. 2017/18 PA Board Election

    1. Shaqua Randle running election.  PA Board - Members of current PA can choose to run again.  Ayishah Co-president running again.  Chimene running again.  Laurie, Maggie, Ji & Marianne not running again.

    2. SLT 4 positions open.  Explanation of SLT role and expectations by Michelle Kelly and Kim Kefgen.

    3. Explanation of PA Board roles by Ayishah, Chimene & Marianne

    4. Explanation of voting process.  

    5. Candidates interested in running:   

      1. Ayishah Irvin & Laura Blake – Co-President

      2. Saralinda Lugohart & Michelle Kelly – Co-Presidents

      3. Jessica Bennett – Vice President

      4. Laura Blake – Vice President

      5. Shavon Glover & Liz Nsom – Co-Secretary

      6. Shavon Glover & Chimene Lewis – Co-Secretray

      7. Chimene Lewis & Liz Nsom – Co-Secretary

      8. Francine Lane & Peter Myers – Co- Treasurer

      9. Peter Myers – Treasurer

      10. Kim Kefgen – SLT

      11. Jen Silverman – SLT

      12. Laurie Kindred – SLT

      13. Ayishah Irvin – SLT

      14. Shavon Glover SLT

    6. Candidates give short speech on why they are running.

    7. Vote taken and ballots submitted.  Votes being tallied.

    8. Results in:  Michelle Kelly & Saralinda Co-President

    9. VP Laura Blake

    10. Co-Secretary:  Liz and Shavon

    11. Treasurer:  Francine & Peter

    12. SLT:  Kim, Shavon, Jen & Laurie

  3. Reading and Approval of Minutes

  4. Principal’s Report

    1. Field Day first ever a success.  Lot’s of parents helped.  Field Day next wk prek-1st on Wed

    2. Culture Night Wed 5/17.  Asking parents to contribute dish that represents your culture.  4:30-6:30 it’s a family night.  Playground will be open.  

    3. Spinners & fidgets are no longer allowed in school. Announcement already made to kids on Fri and on Mon.

    4. Curtains for MPR Stage are coming.  Will be installed on Thurs 5/18.  Lost & Found will need to be removed.  Will be donated to church on Thurs morning.

    5. Parent Social & Silent Auction was a success.  Brewer & Levine were there.  Raised $13,874 net.

    6. Prin Verdiner using grant for purchasing power, its equitable and teachers are not using their own funds.  Grant for PBIS also helpful.

  5. Treasurer’s Report given by Laurie Kindred

    1. Current Profit/Loss statement for year.  Current net of $11800 for year.  

    2. Budget and reserves.  Highlights:  Parent Social $16899 gross; Box Tops $402; Easy Give Back programs Amazon, Book Culture, Schoola.  Expenses:  Garden – additional boxes being built.  We paid for 5th Grade Bus.  Expenses for Parent Social:  $2800.  Net profit of over $10K though we estimated over $3900.

    3. Proposed 2017/18 Budget voted in.

  6. Co-Presidents’ Report

  7. School Leadership Team Report

  8. Committee Updates

    1. Spring Fling 6/17 11am-5pm

    2. Cultural Day

      1. Many families did not know about after school cancellation

  9. Old Business

    1. Expansion Update

    2. Picture Vendor  

  10. New Business

  11. Adjournment

Principals Message 2016-2017

Welcome to our new, and returning, TCCS families! I hope your summer has been fun-filled with wonderful learning and social opportunities for your children. I am very excited about the 2016-17 academic school year. We have made tremendous gains but of course still have much to do!

At TCCS we are dedicated to work together as a community to empower our students to take ownership of their learning process to perform their optimal best. We will continue to refine our Theory of Action to support differentiated instruction to meet each student’s individual needs. We are a nurturing learning community that believes students learn best through positive framing, setting personalized goals and knowing what they need to do to achieve their goals. We value the essential ingredient of supporting the home-school connection by welcoming families to learn with and support their children through the learning process.

The Teachers College Community School, in partnership with the Department of Education and Teachers College, is a university-assisted, non-selective community school that applies stateof-the-art knowledge and best practices in teaching, learning, and child development. The educational program is designed to develop each student’s knowledge and skills, love of learning, and individual strengths as the foundation for academic and life success.

Serving the whole child and the whole school community is essential work that I value. I will continue to support our teachers, parents and community members in nurturing our students’ academic, social-emotional and physical development because all of these areas are interdependent. I am dedicated to continue to cultivate a learning environment that meets our students’ needs through rigorous instruction, community building and using data to inform decisions that will excel TCCS in preparing our future, scientists, engineers, writers, artists and civic leaders. Through the cultivation of mind, body, and family well-being, as a community, we can nourish children’s desire to be inquisitive, creative and critical thinkers. Our environment promotes our students to BELIEVE in themselves!

I look forward to us continuing to grow, learn, and support each other in this important work that we have all been charged to achieve in the name of our TCCS students.

Michelle Verdiner, M.S., CCC-SLP