PA General Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes

Principal’s Update

  • Middle School Dance happening on June 7th for 5th - 7th Grade students. The dance is sponsored by our Student Council

    • DJ’ed by DJ Blake of Lectro Raiders Entertainment and our 4th grade student DJ Kyla J

    • Movie Days will be hosted for our K to 4th grade students.

  • Would like to help 2nd graders make a smooth transition from lower school to 3rd grade in upper building.

    • Will have them publish pieces of writing “what I look forward to in 3rd grade…”, sometime in June

  • Studio in the school pieces will be displayed at the District 5 offices

  • Executive Superintendent (reports directly to the Chancellor) will be visiting the school some time this week along with Superintendent Rux

  • Proposing professional development session times to implement into the school curriculum

    • 2 days will be allotted for professional development

    • Would mean early dismissal or ½ days for children and it would require parents to get childcare

    • Have discussed this option for the last 2 years and would like to implement in the next year or so

    • Teachers would not be in classes and substitutes would teach on days those days

  • Tap Water campaign has started and has already received generous donations.

    • Spread the word

    • would like to replace all 3 water fountains

  • Thank you to current PA Executive Board, appreciate every one that has served this year

  • Next years after-school programming will remain the same

    • Noel Pointer, which is received through a Grant, will be re-evaluated

    • RTS will return

    • TC Clubs info should be available end of June

Upcoming Events (PA President)

  • SPRING FLING! Saturday, June 15th 11am-5pm

    • $25 donation(family) will receive a free beach bag

    • Everyone will receive a wristband with donation to access all amenities

    • Bouncy house , sand art, rock climbing, popcorn/cotton candy. There will be an additional cost for slime, kids books and food.

    • Will have attendants at the bouncy houses, rock climbing this year, but will still need volunteers

    • Need volunteers for set-up/tear-down and assist children. Will send out a volunteer sheet. 2 hour intervals

*parent request that music not be so loud for children with sensory issues

  • We as a PA would like to make our teachers be more involved in the decision making of our school. Discussed becoming a PTA.

    • We will need to vote on this at next meeting or have an additional meeting in June

    • May help with teacher restriction, they can help make decisions

*can students sit in and be a part of PA/PTA to voice concerns

-according to regulations they can not

   -maybe they can sit separate w/PA or rep to discuss issues that can be brought to                the discussion

  • The teachers involved will not be on the PA Executive board, but will have the ability to be included on votes

*should consider teachers scheduling and how they will be included with consideration to times of meetings etc.

  • ELECTIONS (5th grade parent, Shaqua Randle to run election process)

    • Available positions for PA are, President, Secretary and Treasurer

    • TCCS also has Vice President positions and offer “co” positions in each role

      • President will be the one on the forefront and in for all

      • Vice President backs up the President if they can not be present

      • Secretary does all the recording for meetings, getting out communications and keeping you informed

      • Treasurer works with all of the PA Budget, money & finances. So if you think you’re good with numbers and figures and can do it you should try

    • As you think about running, think about what it would take to be on the board.   Having your voice heard. What it would take if you would like to see changes in your school.

    • Bylaws state that we can run for “co” positions or single in the roles

    • Next year it should be considered to have parents submit ballots/bio at least 30 days prior to election so that the election can go smoothly and parents will know who they would like to vote for ahead of time.

      • add to Bylaws

    • Also need to vote on 2 new SLT members for next year.

      • SLT meets once a month with Principal, community leaders (CEC, Community Board 9), Nancy Streim of TC/TC Shareholders

      • Meet time is usually 3rd Thursday of the month at 3:15PM

      • 2 year term

      • Reviews budget, vote on enrichment/curriculum

      • You will be an “insider” and involved in what happens in your childs school

      • The rule is if you miss 2 meetings you can be voted out

      • Training available through district

        • Over 30 hours of training, you can receive a Stipend



      • Ayishah Irvin/Laura Blake

      • Saralinda Lugohart/Laura Konate


      • Ji Young Lee

      • Shavon Glover

      • Hyacinth Myers


      • Demetria Robinson/Chimene Lewis


      • former treasurer Francine Lane voted in by 5 parents and nomination was accepted


    • Sarah Saragin (Jones)

    • Jessica Bennett

    • Christine Kovich

    • Demetria Davidson



      • Ayishah Irving/Laura Blake


      • Ji Young Lee


      • Demetria Robinson/Chimene Lewis


      • Francine Lane

  • 2019-2021 NEW SLT MEMBERS

    • Sarah Saragin

    • Christine Kovich

PA General Meeting Minutes - March 19, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Intro given by PA Co-President, L. Blake

Principal’s Update

  • Quality Review is coming up this week and will take place over the course of two days

  • Please remember to complete parent surveys. Codes will be distributed during Student Led Conferences.

    • Already distributed at Lower School

    • Upper School will be distributed next week during conferences

    • If you need help with codes, contact Ms. Bermudez

  • Studio in the school has started for other grades

    • Upper School grades have already picked themes

    • Lower School sessions went well, the school was visited by TC leaders and they were impressed. Will be sending a photography back to take photos of the display so it can be used as a promo photo on postcards

    • Danza Espana starting back at the end of the month in the lower grades.

      • This is our free (they have funding) dance partnership that started after the Spanish Heritage month presentation

      • Hoping to add additional grades next year

  • Lower School led conferences were successful, 83 families were in attendance

  • Cell Phone policy being discussed and revisited with SLT

    • New rules have to be discussed

    • Send suggestions to PA executive board or Ms. Bermudez

    • Parent suggests Magnetic Pouches as used in her school through a pilot program (will find out cost).

  • Construction work concerns near Upper School

    • Principal have spoken with the construction workers

    • suggested to call 311 for complaints

  • Summer in the City (STEM) programming is something you sign up for on your own and is different than the Summer School program.

  • School Supplies in Lower School should not be requested by parents, (Principal) have spoken with teachers.

    • Supplies are ordered through a database online once a month for items needed

  • After-school math enrichment went to selected students

    • Small Group

    • Based on a criteria

    • Would teachers be open to test prep during lunch, some teachers work with students during lunch for a number of reasons. That would be up to them, but they also need their breaks.

  • NYS ELA workshop

    • next Tuesday, 3/26

    • really encourage 3rd grade parents to attend since they are new to testing

    • Also 4th grade and 7th grade parents should attend to be reintroduced to the test, as those are grades looked at for (MS, HS) - attendance is also very important

  • TC will be visiting the school on Tuesday to review practices of the school (a part of the quality review)

The Contribution Campaign for Students- TCCS

  • This was previously called PA Dues

  • Name changed so parents can see exactly where there money is used in schools to help our children - suggested by F. Lane (Co-Treasurer)

  • $50 is suggested, but 100% participation is the goal. So give what you can!

  • This is not the same as the school supplies drive

  • Can parents make payments PA dues can only be collected once a year by DOE regulations, so payments can’t be made. Just pay what you can.

  • May suggest to collect money based on grade (necessity) going forward.

Upcoming Events

  • TCCS GOT TALENT- THIS SATURDAY, March 23rd 1-3pm!

    • Held at Urban Assembly School, 509 WEST 129TH STREET

    • 2nd Annual show

    • Lots of talent this year

    • Suggest $20 per family at door

    • Will be selling T-shirts ($12 child size/ $15 adults), Food (snacks at concession).

    • Will be videotaped to possible sale at a later date.

  • TCCS Parent Social & Silent Auction- May 3rd 6-9pm

    • Havana Nights Theme

    • Marianne Soohoo spoke briefly at our last PA meeting to give details

    • Items will be available during pre-bidding and items left over will be available after.

    • Most auctioned off items are donated.

    • Items are still being collected, April 5th is deadline

  • SPRING FLING! Save the Date- June 15th 11am-5pm

    • Will be in the street on Morningside Avenue in front of the school as in previous years.

    • Lots of activities, Food

    • Will have attendants at the bouncy houses this year

    • Need volunteers for set-up/tear-down

2019-2020 Parent Association Nominations

  • Try to get parents from both the Lower School and Upper School to run

  • SLT will have 2 or 3 spots as well, have to confirm

    • set commitment, different from PA

    • help make decisions for the school functions (security for example)

  • Nominate some you know

    • time commitment

    • plan all activities of the school

    • fundraise

PA General Meeting Minutes - February 26, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Ayishah Irving, Co-Treasurer

Principal’s Update

  • Studio (Art) in the School is up and running for all the grades, some parents weren’t aware.

  • Our partnership with Danza Espana will continue for 7-weeks, starting last week of March and running through May. There was a temporary disruption, but they will return and love working with the community!

    • Instruction will continue for 1st and 2nd Grade

    • One of the instruction dates fall during PLP, so timing will be adjusted to have during 1st period so parents can participate.

    • There are talks to expand instruction, in the future, to upper grades

  • School Secretary, Ms. Wilson, has received a promotion within the DOE. This will be her last week (last day Friday)

    • Ms. Harris will help with those duties, along with Ms. Bermudez

    • Will continue to look for someone permanently, but may not hire someone until the start of the next school year due to budgeting reasons.

  • Upper grade ELA teacher, Ms. Carter, will be returning from leave on Friday, 3/1. She is healthy and happy to be back.

  • Please try to attend upcoming scheduled Joint Public Hearings, for the change of location for 3rd grade next year and the expansion of another pre-k class.

    • Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 6:00PM at the Upper School

    • Monday, March 18, 2019 at 6:00PM at the Lower School

    • The plan is to keep the Lower School building as an early childhood space with pre-k to 2nd grade

    • Additional pre-k will open up more seats to service the community, as well as give the current pre-k teacher a planning partner by having another pre-k teacher

    • At the joint hearing, that is the perfect time to voice your concerns as parents on record, however there will not be a back and forth discussion (as pointed out by fellow parent/SLT member). After joint hearing, then topics move on to P.E.P. (Panel for Educational Policy) for more of a discussion and voting.

    • Will think of list of talking points for upcoming hearing and provide to the PA to share with parents.

  • Lower School Updates:

    • 3rd floor will be open and occupied with classrooms, cluster rooms, additional spacing will be free for expansion. Appx. 4 classrooms

    • 1st floor has additional space that will be opened up

      • cafeteria will be expanded to full operation for children to access their own food

      • nurse will have own full function space

    • New construction will be ready for fall according to department of planning

      • (Principal) will have more access to the school during second phase

      • continue to meet with special planning on site

    • Planning, use for space is done, now it just has to be executed during Phase 2 of construction

    • $100K grant awarded by the office of Gale Brewer will be combined with budget to upgrade the outdoor space. This construction can not happen until the school construction is done. When concrete dates are ironed out, the community will be updated. As of now dates are not clear.

      • If timeline becomes available, will share. Unfortunately the sharing of a floor plan is not allowed

      • majority of space will consist of the cushioned flooring, no structures, 2 units of the imagination playground will be brought over from the Upper School, would like a part of the wall to consist of chalkboard background for instruction and play. Will still have a garden space.

    • Looking forward, would like to see how we can utilize the roof space.

    • The rationale to move 3rd grade to Upper School building is based on:

      • Developmentally makes sense

        • model of thought starts to change in children of this age

        • testing

        • curriculum changes at 3rd grade

        • plans to start buddy system between the Upper School grades

      • Spacing

        • size of children from 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders when all in shared space does not work

        • the building size is better functioning for younger kids

    • Concerns about current low staff and class program/services for current students with incoming additional class for pre-k and growing community with 8th grade

      • Principal Verdiner has advocated for extra staff, but due to funding by TC has often been turned away for additional funds

        • unfortunately even though we are two locations, we are looked at as one school. Not taken into consideration for a bigger budget.

    • Upper School Updates:

      • Play structure will be removed

      • Proposal to turn the space into turf for soccer was denied. The space isn’t adequate enough

      • Upon removal (Principal) will need help to advocate/fund raise to update and renovate the space since it is a private space.

Introduction to our new TCCs Liaison Katy Maiolatesi

  • Taught for 12 years

  • Enjoying the community

  • Travel between both spaces

Upcoming events

  • PA Dues coming soon

    • Will now be called “Contribution Campaign for Students”

    • Chart/handout will be provided to show exactly where money raised by PA, contributed by parents is used for our students/school

  • Silent Auction/Parent Social

    • Marianne Soohoo (lead) will continue to push out communication with the PA’s help

    • Auction is 2 parts essentially. Silent auction and online.

    • Great fundraiser and social event for parents and staff

    • Same location as in prior years from 6PM- 9PM

    • Will need solicitation of items to auction. Would like to have items by April 5th.

    • The online auction site is up

    • Help spread the word!

  • TCCS GOT TALENT- Date change March 23rd 1-3pm

    • Previews held March 4,5,6th at the upper school.

    • Check the website for more details!

    • We will be accepting snack and drink donations to sell at the talent show to help this GREAT fundraiser! Bring family and come see our talent!!

PA General Meeting Minutes - January 15, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes


In the absence of Principal Verdiner who is at open house at Lower School, PA Co-President Laura Blake welcomes parents

Principal’s Update

(delivered by PA Co-President Laura Blake)

  • Lower School Updates

    • Safety Agent Espinosa has left her position to pursue another position within the police department.

    • Safety Agent Green has been in place, for now, he is not sure if this will be his permanent assignment.

  • Low staff continues to be an issue.

  • Current budget is split between both school buildings and hiring additional staff is not in the budget.

  • A doorbell has been installed for times when the safety agent is not at the his post. Parents please ring bell if door is locked before leaving your children unattended.

    • Can teachers post in Class Dojo

    • Can Parent Coordinator blast in School Cnxt

    • Administration should be sure to alert parents to this

Spirit Week

  • Flyers came out from Student Council and will be backpacked

  • It’s a little earlier this year

  • Will run from January 28 - February 1

  • Will include both lower school and upper school


  • Sponsored by our student council

  • Happening on Valentine's Day as in the past

  • Chocolate will be allowed again as per Principal Verdiner at the Upper School only because the older children complained about not having it as an option last year.

  • Student council is still determining how to spend the money they raise, including last years money.

Picture Re-take Day (Upper School)

  • Will take place this Friday, 1/18 at the Upper School and 1/31 at the Lower School.

  • Envelopes will go out for sibling pictures with a note on how to order.

  • Will be backpacked prior to the day of

  • Contact PA with issues other than retake issues so we can try to help resolve with Lifetouch

  • Default background only for sibling pics (gray)

Treasurer Update

  • 2018-2019 Budget vs Actuals info shared in handout

  • Square 1 Art gross income was $1,316

  • Next Box Tops collection will be March 1, will coordinate to make announcement. $$192 collect from last collection

  • Parent Dues will happen soon, deciding on a date in April or May

  • Fundraising efforts is the reason that the PA has been able to fully pay for ALL ART programming

By-Law Vote

  • Unanimous vote on updated By-Laws by all in attendance

  • We are a Non-profit in New York State

  • Waiting for information as to when we can start applying for grants

Black History Month Assembly

  • We will have a school wide celebration on February 28th or date we have to confirm

  • Will be held at Shavon Glover’s (PA Co-President) home school (where TCCS Got Talent was held)

  • Both Upper and Lower schools will attend

  • Parents will be able to attend

  • Performance based event, maybe a guest speaker-trying to confirm

  • HSA has committed to a dance presentation

  • Will start in the morning, approximately 9AM with speaker then performance

TCCS Got Talent

  • Will be held end of March. March 30th

  • Parent/SLT member, Laurie Kindred has signed up to assist with talent as well as Ms. Carter, possibly Ms. Kramer

  • Children will have to be able to practice routines, especially if performing in groups

  • Information will go out, for parental and student consent and sign-up soon

Other Topics

  • Would be great if parents had a list of all DOE sites to access children's information/grades

    • suggestion from fellow parent who is also a teacher, school uses Bloom. Similar to Facebook where all information, news,photos, etc. can be shared in one space.

  • Will we get the Math/ELA coaching as in past years?

    • Principal Verdiner is waiting to be notified if she has the budget to do so. Parents will be notified.

  • Notes from SLT member, Laurie Kindred, wanted to share in reference to not having a counselor

    • We do have the SBMHC program that is provided by Teachers College

    • Not a counselor but is more hands on throughout the grades up to 5th grade only

      • Program details:

        • One classroom consultant in each classroom twice a week

        • Up to 5th grade (6th and 7th doesn’t have)

        • Social/behavioral issues/ small groups

        • More classroom interaction than having a counselor

        • Work w/teachers to identify and deescalate

        • Lead by Dr. Karen Rosenfeld, who helps work one-on-one with high risk and high need kids

        • Consultants will like to continue to tackle issues in conjunction with parents

        • Some parents seemed unaware of the program.

        • If there is an issue you always contact your child’s teacher first, then the administration

        • Girls workshop information shared by Nicola Medrano (PA, Co-VP)

          • Happening February 3

          • Need up to 20 girls

          • Offsite space

          • Scholarship available

          • Girls 9 - 12 (will accept 8 year olds)

          • $40 which include lunch

          • Topics will be: Beautiful You and Love Yourself

          • Will post information to TCCS parent fb page, class parents or contact Nicola directly for information

  • Has there been any update on Physical Education issue

    • PA issue? SLT? will discuss with Principal Verdiner

    • Limited time of movement still an issue according to parents

    • Is there any resolve on more instruction time

    • Mr. C’s teaching style still a topic by many parents

    • With the cold weather and not being able to access outside space (at LS) what is in place/what’s the fix for now

Next Up…

Parent Social/Silent Auction will be May 3rd

  • Theme: Havana Nights

  • Parent organizer, Marianne Soohoo will need volunteers.

    • PA to vet soon

  • Will need to really push communication to all families, especially new families.

  • Working on childcare with RTS staff, would have to get permission

  • Considering some of the parents that were big donors/contributors have moved on from the school community, should other outreach efforts be made within the school neighborhood to solicit  donations

    • suggestion: parents who can gather and go door-to-door in the neighborhood to get donations

  • Online start will be earlier than event

  • An Alumni database would be helpful in this type of event

  • Raffle as a tie-in for fundraising

PA General Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Opening remarks from Principal Verdiner and Parent Coordinator Bermudez

Principal’s Update

  • Success of school fundraiser, Scholastic was more successful than ever before.

  • Studio in the School has begun across all grades

  • Partnership with Danza Espana is going well

  • Our TCCS orchestra performed at Harlem School of the Arts for a 125th celebration. Many have impressed and have sent many thanks for the performance.

  • Senator Brian Benjamin visited with our school. His platform is education and plans to help with his connections since he cannot financially at this time.

  • An anonymous donation has been received in the amount of $10,000.

Treasurer Update

  • Gave a grant to the school of $11,000. Parents donated $8,180 back which is a net loss of $2,820

Square 1 Art & Prestige Fundraisers went great!

  • Both Square 1 and Prestige were successful

    • Square 1 made profit of over $1,316.50

    • Prestige made profit of close to $2,000

  • Parents voice concerns over communication between student/home & teacher in regards to classwork and homework help

    • PLP is a way to see in the class and know what work is being done

    • Can use afternoon meeting w/teacher for one-on-one

    • Principal will address the way teachers communicate with home

  • Parents/PA offer that math help can be found on YouTube, Khan Academy, Math apps.

    • PA will be working on a resource page to offer help

  • If something consistent can be used across all the teachers to communicate with home like classroom Dojo

    • Can class parents advocate for teachers to use

  • PC Bermudez addresses that the recent help offered by district 5 resource center is not open to students outside middle school and high school grades. An exception will not be made for 5th graders. However, the district is working on something for elementary school grades.

  • We do not have a full-time counselor, yet

    • To address behavioral, social/emotional issues we have the School Based Mental Health Center through TC with class room consultants who visit the classroom twice a week and work in conjunction with teachers. May work with small group or children in need one-on-one to offer in school or outside help.

    • Lead by Dr. Karen Rosenfeld

    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 cases

      • Tier 1= Redirection required, use of behavior charts (or other) to stay on task etc.

      • Tier 2= May need to get pulled out for individualized help

      • Tier 3 = May need to be pulled out on a high frequency. Benefit from small group.

    • Follow 2nd Step Social/Emotional curriculum

  • We do offer/have more resources than other schools in the district as far as social/emotional support

  • PA has had extensive conversations with Principal Verdiner and Ms. Barr about ongoing behaviors in school

  • Help can be offered by administration, but cannot be forced upon families

    • Administration has been working as best they can to help by making outreach to those parents in need

    • Children in crisis also need protection

    • If something major happens, a call is made home

    • An issue can only be addressed when the administration is made aware of it

    • Community have to have trust in the administration that the right thing will be done when an issue arises.

  • PA to repost Chancellor's Regulations with steps Administration will take when dealing with behavior issues.

  • Principal Verdiner acknowledges that every Monday she gives a morning address to the students

    • Grades 3 thru 7 in the MPR

    • Go over schedule for the week

    • Pep Talk

    • Would love student council to lead, but they are not ready yet

Upcoming Events-

Wednesday Night 5PM RTS Showcase

Black History Month Assembly- date TBD - Last week of February. Looking to have it at IS 286 so both schools can come together. (Pre-k thru 7th grade)

TCCS GOT TALENT- March 30th @ IS 286.

  • Students can perform as an individual or in a small group.

PA General Meeting Minutes - November 26, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes

Welcome/Treasurer Update

  • Francine: Request parents to go online to review the PA Bylaw for 501(c)(3) in order to vote on non- for- profit status/ tax exempt to receive unlimited contribution from individual, applying for educational grants and corporations etc. Bylaws were drafted by lawyers specializing in tax exempt law.

School Leadership Team New Member Vote

  • Shaqua Randle fellow TCCS parent lead voting for new SLT member. Discussed role of SLT with input  and description from parent who served previously.

  • Position is available due to middle school parent leaving the school

  • Position is for 2 years

  • Meetings are open to public/school community, you can sit in but not ask questions

    • Parents provided with SLT handouts with description & overview SLT purpose.  

    • Nomination / Vote

    • Voted in : Mr. Achisimach Yisrael

    • In attendance 21 Parents

    • 7 TCCS PA representatives

NY Cares Coat Drive

Nicola addressed as TCCS Community Service Efforts

  • Start Date 11/27/2018 to 12/18/2018

  • Coats (new/gently used) will be collected and taken to precinct drop off

  • Hats/Scarves can also be collected

  • Bins for each school locations will be available soon

Food Drive Canned Goods

  • Keep and collect perishables to be donated.

  • Boxes will be at both school locations soon to start collection efforts.

Square 1st Arts - Last Chance!

Dustin addressed and encourage parents extended timeline last chance to order student’s art works.

  • Urge parents to order so TCCS can receive 20% back to invest back into art programs. Just $55 away from receiving 33%. Parents can order previous art works just need to know the code or have  setup a profile on website.

Other Topics Discussed

Shavon welcomed new SLT member

  • Superintendent is pushing for TCCS PA/SLT to become more involved with surrounding school communities and will urge outside parents to attend meetings to see how we run our meetings.

Parent Concerns/Discuss with Principal

  • PE concerns taking away from students due to misbehavior.

    • Lower grades should have movement everyday/Upper grades 90 min. a week

    • Informed  parents NYC/ DOE has a national program called  SPARK provided curriculum, training to teachers to implement movement in classroom

    • Dustin addressed PE is limited in LS due to  space and playground area not padded etc however on good weather days students use imaginary play equipment. Playground SCA Phase II construction will start in Spring SY 18-19. Nicloa shared Danza Espana residency dance company will provide dance/movement for LS.

  • PE/Recess taken away as form of punishment

  • Transportation for families in both schools

  • RTS after school program high cost

  • TC should provide assistance ( subsidy )for after school program/ care with RTS  

  • TC Clubs only provided for ⅔ days

  • Reading / Math extra help for all students and not limited seats

  • TC / TCCS receiving additional student teachers/ work study  

  • PE for LS/ US

PA General Meeting Minutes - October 16, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


  • Welcome address given by PA President

New Holiday Fundraising

  • Presented by PA Co-President, Nicola M.

    • Prestige Fundraising opportunity, will be back packed in time for holiday ordering

    • 40% - 50% in fundraising opportunity for school when place orders placed online or mail-in orders (funds to be collected in school, payable to TCCS PA)

Dr. Nancy Streim of TC College Address

 Along with TC Colleague/TCCS Liaison - Amy Hawley

  • What is TC’s Role in TCCS

    • Curriculum Development

      • TC Reading/Writing Project

        • Also used in other schools, but schools may use in a different way

      • Middle School, Social Studies and Science Support

      • School Based Mental Health

        • 2nd year with this collaboration

        • Provided by phycologist student in training in all classrooms with teachers

        • 4 in total provided to the school on a whole, time is divided to be able to visit all classes

        • Work with students and help to plan strategies for children with behavioral/emotional issues

        • Social/Emotional support

        • PBIS reward system

    • Academic Support/Services

      • Music

        • All grades receive music instruction

        • 3rd graders are introduced to violin

          • PA will try provide a “cheat” sheet for those who may want to continue violin after 3rd grade of programs in the area

        • 4th thru 7th receive various music instruction (choir, orchestra, digital music, musical arrangement)

      • Reading Rescue (lower grades)

        • Grad students trained to work with children specifically in this area

      • Math Intervention

      • Digital Literacy

      • Environmental Sustainability (first year) -Started by 2 fellow Grad Students

        • 2 TCCS parents attended as well, notes shared with community

      • After School Clubs

        • TC Clubs, 163 Students currently enrolled.

        • Kindergarten thru 7th

          • Grades 6 & 7 are in orchestra only

          • 6th thru 8th grade after school provided by Noel Pointer Foundation - free through a grant

*How can more afterschool be provided and supported by TC

(Funding/fundraising/donations (either by TC or parent body)

*Our school does not qualify as Title 1 or for free services offered to Title 1 schools.

-Title 1 has to be 61% of school community, TCCS is at approximately 40%

(Parents are reminded that even though we all qualify for free lunch, lunch questionnaires should still be filled out. As this is how funding opportunities are provided.)

    • Professional Development

      • Consists of teachers going to TC for various training throughout the year

      • Teachers may rotate to take part in these development classes, subs are provided by TC usually

      • Weekend/Summer institutions that they can opt out of

      • Co-teaching with teachers in Science/Social Studies

        • A Parent component to the reading/writing project (workshops) may be possible

    • School Planning/Governance & Operations

      • TC/TCCS Liaison

      • Lunch/Recess assistance

      • Lower School program assistance

      • TC Administrative Services

    • Partnership/Fundraising

      • We’ve received a couple of grants as a school community

      • one for $10,000, another for $100,000

      • Investors continue to have an interest in TCCS

Calculating the Value of TC Contributions

  • Annual report on cash versus in-kind contributions

  • Still remains a debate (tension)  as to where money should go

    • Parents want more after school support

    • Administration want other things

  • Where contributions should go

    • Expertise

      • TC Staff/Faculty time toward school/Curriculum/Staff Development

      • TC Reading/Writing Project

    • Services

      • School day/After school instruction

      • Classroom Curriculum/Administrative Assistance

      • After school group leaders

    • Other Services

      • Books/Materials for classrooms & clubs etc. Musical instruments

      • Principal Discretionary funds

      • Special events, students/staff recruitment

      • Use of TC facilities

Thank you to all Square One Arts Volunteers

Character Day - Halloween October 31st

Giving Thanks Social

  • To be held at Upper School at November 20th from 3:15PM - 4:05PM

  • Will include ALL FAMILIES from both schools

SLT new member

  • Vote in November

PA Bylaws


  • Busing still an issue

  • More sports in school, may require additional gym teacher, more funding,etc.

    • Maybe something to forward to SLT

    • Reach out to community based sports programs (PAL, etc.)

PA General Meeting Minutes - September 18, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Updates

  • Introduction of TCCS new Parent Coordinator, Elizabeth Bermudez

Curriculum Night:

  • Comparison to last year, 146 families were in attendance

  • Higher attendance at the “upper school” than the “lower school”

  • Need a count of how many families we have in total

Lower School Updates:

  • The space is beautiful, but some work still has to be done

  • No designated full time nurse, which has been addressed. Principal has asked since April about the nurse issue and admits to dropping ball with communication with parents or reaching out for parental support.

  • The plan for a space for a full time nurse was not included to be complete until Phase 2 of construction

  • Parents have voiced major concern over this and with the help of PA Co-President, Laura, reaching out to Superintendent Rux, things began to happen to get things going

 Nurse Update:

  • A temporary room has been identified for a nurse

  • Teachers will need to be trained to administer medicine/epi-pen. Training will be given to all staff and has started this week.

  • 3 week turnaround time for placement of permanent nurse, permanent room to be brought up to code and running

  • Issue of no space for a nurse has gone all the up to the deputy school’s chancellor  of schools          

Other Lower School issues/updates:

  • A.C. unit sits too far out to window and will be pushed in or removed

  • Hot MPR addressed, temporary solution for PA to purchase industrial fans, delivery scheduled for Thursday

  • School play area, need softer play space and will look into leftover grant money received.

  • Recess - Parents should volunteer to support low staff, sign up available

  • Mosquitoes, have been addressed to the DOE, DOE has plan for spraying. Parents advised to treat kids with repellant before school. Issue also at Upper School.

  • Physical Education, children receive in conjunction with movement (i.e. dance) and recess play. Recess has stations set up by Mr. C.

  • Imagination playground will be moved to lower school space. Principal will schedule move.

School Supplies:

  • Supplies have been purchased and received

  • Will be divided up between schools

  • Classes were supplied with the basics for now (i.e. pencils, folders, markers, crayons)

  • Monday, new boards in lower school will be set-up and teachers trained

  • Grant received by Mark Levine’s office to be able to also supply the Upper School with new boards and additional Macbooks


  • Art will begin as soon as a schedule is worked out for Upper and Lower schools, est by Nov/Dec. Art provided for all grades by Studio in a School. 

  • Grant of $100k received will be used for upgrades/updates (i.e. towards padding for play area in Lower School)

  • New communication platform provided by District 5 office, CNXT coming soon

  • TC will hire an assistant to help provide support to the administration

  • Will try to plan a way for Upper School students to visit with the Lower School students -- hopefully soon

New PA Introductions

Treasurer’s Update

School Supplies Drive:

  • Only at ½ of what the PA gave grant for ($11,000)

  • Received 25% participation so far

  • New and more ways to pay

  • Can not give names of those who have not participated 

  • Class parents will be urged to push for participation

President’s Update


  • SLT Opening, will need someone to fill  the seat

Class Parent:

  • Class Parent needed for each grade, PA co-Secretary, Demetria will help facilitate 

Welcome Back Picnic:

  • May have to set a rain-date due to weather for upcoming weekend

  • Will alert parents by Friday

 Hispanic Heritage Celebration:

  • Will plan for an assembly of some sort for both school locations

  • Sponsored and organized by the PA co-Pres, Nicola

  • Possible celebration may include Ballet Hispanico, if anyone knows of a connection we can use

  • PA would like to hang flags in acknowledgement of Hispanic Heritage that our school community may represent. (Brasil, México, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Panamá, Nicaragua etc.)

Picture Day:

  • Need to confirm dates for Upper and Lower schools

  • No parent volunteers as to control crowding around on the day of

  • Sibling pictures may not happen, would have to work out logistics and may not be able to

Square 1 Art:

  • Will be lead by PA co-President, Dustin Vye this year

  • Earlier program date for delivery by the holidays

  • Will use some of the same projects as in past years to be able to use of remaining overage of supplies. 7th grade will have new project

  • Volunteers will be needed

  • Dates TBD, aiming for Mid-October

  • Tiles from prior sessions (for lower school grades) will be going over to the lower school soon

PA General Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • Mr. Hill, our counselor, is no longer at TCCS. He was supposed to be here for the remainder of school year but was pulled by DOE to cover a maternity leave.
  • We still have school based mental health program here 20 hours per week and next year they will be here full-time.
  • We also continue to have access to TC’s school based mental health partnership
  • Amy Harowley is our current TC Liason (temporarily replacing Ms. Cox until full time replacement is found). Ms. Sarabia is also assisting with TC clubs/afterschool at this time.
  • ELA 3-6 is complete. It went smoothly, fairly low anxiety for students, and children were working productively. Principal Verdiner is very proud of all of our studetns. 
  • Studio in a School for grades 2/3 has begun and will run for 6 weeks. 
  • Grade 4/5 will participate in Studio in a School after Math exams
  • TC is hosing a parenting workshop on bullying, taking place on 4/18/2018 @ 5:30pm in MPR
  • Coming up in May, there will be another TC Parent Workshop on Internet usage/safety.
  • Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!-Participate and support our student council.
  • TCCS Raised $1019.33 from the book fair

New School Update: 

  • Construction is moving along, everything is currently on schedule, classrooms already assigned, necessary improvements should be complete by July/August.
  • The kitchen will need a full 2 years to be completely renovated
  • There will be no construction going on during school hours, only outside of school hours.
  • Principal Verdiner will reach out to Superintendent/SEA to see if a meeting can be held for parents to ask additional questions about construction/timelines, etc.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Money continues to be raised in various fundraisers
  • Budget continues to be adjusted as these new funds come in

President's Report

Membership Drive:

  • Membership drive CONTINUES!
  • All proceeds go toward funding enrichment for our TCCS children
  • Studio in a school was funded to fill in the arts for all grades this year at TCCS.
  • April 16thto 22ndis MATCH WEEK! An anonymous donor will match all donations made this week at 100%

Square1 Art

  • Online orders extended to May 1st
  • Don’t forget to order your legacy tile!-We will be starting a legacy wall at the new location


  • Upcoming Yoga classes to take place at St. Joseph’s Church basement. 
  • If you would like a FREE Yoga Mat, see Saralinda!

Committee Reports

TCCS Got Talent: 

  • Show takes place 4/21
  • Our TCCS children have been working hard and are ready to showcase their talent

Silent Auction:

  • TCCS’ 7thAnnual Parent Social/Silent Auction is just around the corner: 5/4, 6-9pm
  • Get your tickets online OR in person during some a.m. drop offs
  • Online bidding begins Friday April 20th…Share Share Share the online auction link with friends and family, anyone can bid!

PA Executive Board Elections:

  • Get involved, run for office! 
  • Elections take place the evening of 5/15
  • If you have questions, please speak with any PA Board Member!

PA General Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • Introduction of new RTS coordinator - Kam!

  • School Updates:

    • 4/18/18 @ 5:30pm - TC Workshops: Topics are Bullying, Aggression & Violence; additional topics needed

    • School Safety Agent (SSA Parker) transferred; new agent SSA Benoit

    • 3/28/18 - Safety Town Hall meeting

    • Parent volunteers needed for morning dropoff

New School Update: 

  • Phase I has begun - SCA has been in constant communication w/Principal Verdiner; Principal Verdiner will share pertinent information with SLT;

  • Possible walking trip for younger grades to new building;

  • K classrooms have sink and bathroom;

  • Budget is unknown at this time;

  • Art enrichment will be included in the curriculum.

  • There will be equitable distribution of resources between lower and upper schools.

Upcoming Events:

TCCS Got Talent Show  

April 21, 2018

  • Permission slips went out; students will be judged on content;

  • Grades 3 & up will participate;

  • K-2 RTS may have a group participate;

  • TCCS Student Council will previews;

  • Committees:

  • Stage - Laurie

  • Fundraising

  • PR Crew

  • Merchandise - Shavon

  • Refreshments

  • Venue Crew - Shavon

Spring Silent Auction

  • “Harlem Nights” - Flyers created and distributed; donations

  • needed for auction; auction goes live on 4/20/18

Membership Drive

Contribution Campaign for Students (TCCS) throughout theMonth of March

Square 1 Art

Order sheets backpacked

Guest Speaker

Director, Lessons for My Daughter, an 8 week program that promotes female self-love; Director left flyers for distribution.

PA General Meeting Minutes - February 27, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes


Principal’s Report

  • New Drop-off Procedure
  • There has been an ongoing situation with safety for several years
  • Principal met with Safety Committee, but not SLT or PA Board yet
  • Some parents are addressing kids in a confrontational way
  • Not enough staff between 8:20-3:35 – there are a maximum of 2 staff available for all the kids
  • Does not want to wait for something to happen – wants to be proactive
  • Principal would like to have the morning interactions, but student and staff safety comes first
  • Work in progress to figure out a way to make it safer
  • School is having a soft lock-down drill
  • Sargent Bailey joined the meeting
    • In charge of safety
    • Looking to be proactive rather than reactive
    • Available to answer questions when we need her to
  • Questions and answers
    • Question:  Can DOE provide additional staff because of safety?
      • Answer:  Safety is allocated per student.  Our school does things differently, and the DOE generally supports, so they won’t provide additional staff unless we become an unsafe school
    • Question:  What can we as parents do to help?
      • Answer:  PA Board will draft email about acceptable parent behavior and share; there are ways to help as a parent philosophy; PA will discuss with Principal ways we can help and will reach out to parents for additional ideas
    • Question:  Can the teachers help out in the morning?
      • Answer:  No, contractually, their day starts at 8:35
    • Question:  How long will this be in place, especially as the weather gets nicer?
      • Answer:  It is uncertain how long it will be in place.  Principal is open to discussion, and she agrees that we want to have children play together in the morning.
    • Question:  What is the student population required to get another safety officer?
      • Answer:  Around 400 more students.  We will have a safety officer in both school locations.
    • Comment:  Don’t minimize the interactions on the playground for parents as well as kids – it helps us all connect

Ms. Cox is getting a promotion and moving to DOE as an arts coordinator.  Friday will be her last day.

Young Eisner Scholars (YES)

  • Principal is meeting with YES Scholars today
  • Adopting a school; opportunities for 5th and 6th graders
  • Selects 50 students from whole district
  • Private tutoring to get into choice high schools

President’s Report

Membership Drive

  • The Contribution Campaign for Students (TCCS) - throughout month of March Different than the School Supplies Drive (this supports purchases of school supplies)
  • Membership Drives supports activities of the Parent Association such as arts programming, community events, etc.

Looking to develop a jazz band alternative for after school with Phillip Harper

Treasure’s Report

  • Current financials shared
  • Budget Committee - process needs to start in March – think of programs/items that the PA should consider funding
  • Audit Committee needs to be started soon to review our financial transactions and provide a report by end of the school year.  NOTE:  We need to have 2-3 non-PA Board members to audit the records; Peter and Francine (as co-Treasurers) cannot conduct the audit
  • If you are interested in joining either the Budget or Audit committees, please email the PA Board at

Committee Reports

Black History Month

  • Jazz performance on Wednesday, February 28

TCCS Got Talent Show

  • Date change due to March for Our Lives scheduled for March 24. 
  • Proposed April 21 as the new date
  • Will need volunteers the day of our event

Spring Silent Auction - “Harlem Nights”

  •  Date:  May 4th
  • Looking for auction donations
  • Donations due by April 10th
  • Find out more on the website

SLT Reports

Assessment for 3rd – 6th grades

  • Results on school net
  • Email Ms. Leona ( if you need your credentials
  • You can see actual results; an opportunity to discuss wrong answers with your kids
  • Info session for common core testing
  • Overall improvements from Fall to now

PA General Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2018

PA General Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2018

TC Presentation

Presentation about TC support given by Dr. Nancy Streim

Dr. Nancy Streim presented the annual report on the support TCCS receives from TC; PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the website;

  • Science support - Erik Juliet (Zankel Fellow)
  • SBMC (Mental Health component) - supported by TC faculty and graduate students incorporated in our 2nd Step program;
  • Student enrichment clubs

Principal’s Report

  • Enrichment/intervention in ELA & Math scheduled to begin in February
  • Mr. C (PE teacher) has returned
  • Care-O-Gram - scheduled for Valentine’s Day (conducted by TCCS Student Council);
  • School-wide celebration of 100 days of school with 100 acts of kindness

Treasure’s Report

  • Current financials shared

Committee Reports

Black History Month

  • Bulletin board to celebrate Black History Month;
  • Suggestions for celebrating:
    • Possible essay contest for students;
    • School wide screening of Hidden Figures

TCCS Got Talent Show

  • Date:  Saturday, March 24
  • Grades: 3 & up for individual and group acts
  • K -2 group acts (e.g. RTS, classes, etc.)
  • TCCS Student Council will manage sign-ups;
  • Committees:
    • Venue: Laurie Kindred-Brown & Kim Kefgen
    • Fundraising
    • PR Crew (videographer)
    • Merchandise – Shavon/Laura
    • Refreshments
    • Venue Crew - Day of event - Shavon

Spring Silent Auction - “Harlem Nights”

  • Flyers created and distributed

Spring Fling

  • Anticipated date is Saturday, June 16

Membership Drive

  • The Contribution Campaign for Students (TCCS) - throughout month of March
  • Participation Goals and Fundraising Goals
  • After school Committee
  • Putting out a parent survey soon

PA General Meeting Minutes - December 19, 2017

PA General Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2017

President’s Report

  • Keeping to time is important; we need to leave cafeteria in a timely manner for lunch set up
  • Index/topic sheets available for you to write items for PA Board to consider
  • Thank you to volunteers for Picture Day – a great success!
  • All TCCS classes will be having art this year – the Parent Association will sponsor classes for 2nd – 5th grade to have a Studio in a School program
  • PA Board is exploring options to defer cost of fingerprinting
    • Discussion on if fingerprinting is needed for parents/guardians; PA Board and Principal Verdiner will follow up
    • UPDATE:  Found a clause that stipulates that parents/guardian’s don’t need fingerprints to volunteer (In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-105, all teachers, staff, volunteers (excluding the parents and legal guardians of current students), and other workers at your school or in any other DOE worksite must complete the security clearance process conducted by the DOE Office of Personnel Investigation before they can work in any capacity at your school or DOE worksite. This process includes, but may not be limited to, fingerprinting and a review of the candidate’s employment history.

Principal’s Report

New Location

  • Principal Verdiner is participating in the design process for the second location
  • She is meeting with the School Construction Authority (SCA)
  • They are receptive to her input
  • New furniture for the new school
  • No answer yet on if we get new furniture for existing location
  • New location with have same tech (e.g. smart boards/WIFI)
  • Kitchen is not up to code and need renovation
  • Phase 1 is projected to complete for August move-in (this is for K-2nd)

Rationale for choosing new location for lower grades:

  • School is better suited for smaller bodies
  • transitional areas are smaller
  • steps are smaller
  • Multi-purpose room (MPR) will be gym, cafeteria, and indoor play
  • although there is a science lab, it is not fully functioning and will probably be converted into an art room
  • preK and K will have bathrooms in their rooms


  • QUESTION:  Can we get pictures for the new location
    • ANSWER:  Doesn't make sense to share pictures of what it looks like now, as it will be completely renovated to suit our needs
  • QUESTION:  Where will admin be?
    • ANSWER:  Still to be decided.  Principal Verdiner and Vice Principal Barr may switch between sites to encourage continuity between locations
  • QUESTION:  What will Middle School enrollment be for 2018-19 year?
    • ANSWER:  We had limited enrollment for 2017/18 due to space issues; incoming 5th grade will be open enrollment; we will have 50 seats available for 6th grade (25 per class)
  • QUESTION:  What about 2nd grade swimming program?
    • ANSWER:  The current pool is farther from new location; Principal Verdiner has reached out to Asphalt Green to see if they have another school in the area.  A parent recommended bussing to the current location, and Principal Verdiner will look into it and it seems possible to schedule bus for recurring trips.

Behavioral issues

  • Principal Verdiner has noticed that there is a lot of meanness at the school, and she is observing in the younger grades
  • She is looking at addressing the underlying social issues for this
  • Looking at a program called “RULER” – she will be observing this program at Thurgood Marshall lower school in the new year
  • She is asking for help from families to implement, and will share how we can help when she is ready

Treasure’s Report

  • Thanks for all who contributed to the School Supplies Drive – our final contributions were $7915 – Fundraising Report shared; will be submitted to Principal
  • Current financials shared

SLT Report

New Location

  • New location has been decided and shared – still pending Townhall and PEP vote – please attend to show that we are involved when things are good as well as bad!
    • Townhall/Joint Public Hearing (January 11 at 6pm, TCCS MPR)
    • PEP Vote (January 24 at 6pm, PS 20 (The Anna Silver School), 166 Essex, Manhattan)
  • Alternating start times are being discussed to alleviate morning drop-off stress for siblings at both locations
  • SLT will talk to Principal Verdiner about a parent activity/walk-though at the new location (probably late summer)
  • After school activities may be in one location


  • QUESTION:  Possible to have a single location for PK through 8th?
    • ANSWER:  Not likely; the current lease is for 10 years, and they were trying to align new least with existing
  • QUESTION:  Currently, we are limited to the building until 7:30 (by Church), will this change at the new location?
    • ANSWER:  Unsure, Laurie will ask SLT

Behavior issues

  • Principal Verdiner is very effected by the behavior problems, especially as they are happening in lower grades
  • Student Council is involved

Assessment – 3rd-6th grades

Committee Reports

TCCS Got Talent

  • Student council is helping
  • 3rd grade and up for most performances
  • 3-5 minute timeslots
  • younger kids can do groups or help other ways
  • auditions will be help for preparedness and appropriateness (not quality)
  • email if you want to be involved!
  • More details coming soon

African-American History Month

  • Parent recommendation:  focus on “blacks in science”

Announcements/Final Thoughts

  • Concerns with after school programs
    • TC Clubs not doing science
    • Free or lower-cost after school desired