On Thursday, September 19, visit classrooms and meet teachers during one of two different sessions. Kids can enjoy movie night with childcare provided by Roads To Success.

Session 1 - 4:00PM - 5:05PM

Session 2 - 5:10PM - 6:15PM

*NOTE: due to curriculum night, Noel Pointer Foundation (Middle School after-school programming) will be CANCELLED.

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Click the Logo and Don't Forget to Use the TCCS Code If You Shop Amazon

Click the Logo and Don't Forget to Use the TCCS Code If You Shop Amazon

Don’t forget to click the Amazon logo (and save to your favorites) to support the TCCS Parent Association! Use our link by clicking the logo when and shop at Amazon, you can support the TCCS Parent Association!  We get a percentage back from purchases, including Amazon Prime memberships!

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2019-2020 Welcome from the TCCS PA Executive Board/Bienvenido de la Junta Ejecutiva de TCCS PA

2019-2020 Welcome from the TCCS PA Executive Board/Bienvenido de la Junta Ejecutiva de TCCS PA

We want to welcome you to TCCS if this is your first year OR welcome you back if you are a returning family! 2019-20 is going to be an exciting year with many events & activities that give everyone a chance to get to know our fantastic TCCS families, faculty & staff.

¡Queremos darle la bienvenida a TCCS si este es su primer año O darle la bienvenida de nuevo si es una familia que regresa! 2019-20 será un año emocionante con muchos eventos y actividades que les darán a todos la oportunidad de conocer a nuestras fantásticas familias, profesores y personal de TCCS.

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PA General Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2019

PA General Meeting Minutes

Principal’s Update

  • Middle School Dance happening on June 7th for 5th - 7th Grade students. The dance is sponsored by our Student Council

    • DJ’ed by DJ Blake of Lectro Raiders Entertainment and our 4th grade student DJ Kyla J

    • Movie Days will be hosted for our K to 4th grade students.

  • Would like to help 2nd graders make a smooth transition from lower school to 3rd grade in upper building.

    • Will have them publish pieces of writing “what I look forward to in 3rd grade…”, sometime in June

  • Studio in the school pieces will be displayed at the District 5 offices

  • Executive Superintendent (reports directly to the Chancellor) will be visiting the school some time this week along with Superintendent Rux

  • Proposing professional development session times to implement into the school curriculum

    • 2 days will be allotted for professional development

    • Would mean early dismissal or ½ days for children and it would require parents to get childcare

    • Have discussed this option for the last 2 years and would like to implement in the next year or so

    • Teachers would not be in classes and substitutes would teach on days those days

  • Tap Water campaign has started and has already received generous donations.

    • Spread the word

    • would like to replace all 3 water fountains

  • Thank you to current PA Executive Board, appreciate every one that has served this year

  • Next years after-school programming will remain the same

    • Noel Pointer, which is received through a Grant, will be re-evaluated

    • RTS will return

    • TC Clubs info should be available end of June

Upcoming Events (PA President)

  • SPRING FLING! Saturday, June 15th 11am-5pm

    • $25 donation(family) will receive a free beach bag

    • Everyone will receive a wristband with donation to access all amenities

    • Bouncy house , sand art, rock climbing, popcorn/cotton candy. There will be an additional cost for slime, kids books and food.

    • Will have attendants at the bouncy houses, rock climbing this year, but will still need volunteers

    • Need volunteers for set-up/tear-down and assist children. Will send out a volunteer sheet. 2 hour intervals

*parent request that music not be so loud for children with sensory issues

  • We as a PA would like to make our teachers be more involved in the decision making of our school. Discussed becoming a PTA.

    • We will need to vote on this at next meeting or have an additional meeting in June

    • May help with teacher restriction, they can help make decisions

*can students sit in and be a part of PA/PTA to voice concerns

-according to regulations they can not

   -maybe they can sit separate w/PA or rep to discuss issues that can be brought to                the discussion

  • The teachers involved will not be on the PA Executive board, but will have the ability to be included on votes

*should consider teachers scheduling and how they will be included with consideration to times of meetings etc.

  • ELECTIONS (5th grade parent, Shaqua Randle to run election process)

    • Available positions for PA are, President, Secretary and Treasurer

    • TCCS also has Vice President positions and offer “co” positions in each role

      • President will be the one on the forefront and in for all

      • Vice President backs up the President if they can not be present

      • Secretary does all the recording for meetings, getting out communications and keeping you informed

      • Treasurer works with all of the PA Budget, money & finances. So if you think you’re good with numbers and figures and can do it you should try

    • As you think about running, think about what it would take to be on the board.   Having your voice heard. What it would take if you would like to see changes in your school.

    • Bylaws state that we can run for “co” positions or single in the roles

    • Next year it should be considered to have parents submit ballots/bio at least 30 days prior to election so that the election can go smoothly and parents will know who they would like to vote for ahead of time.

      • add to Bylaws

    • Also need to vote on 2 new SLT members for next year.

      • SLT meets once a month with Principal, community leaders (CEC, Community Board 9), Nancy Streim of TC/TC Shareholders

      • Meet time is usually 3rd Thursday of the month at 3:15PM

      • 2 year term

      • Reviews budget, vote on enrichment/curriculum

      • You will be an “insider” and involved in what happens in your childs school

      • The rule is if you miss 2 meetings you can be voted out

      • Training available through district

        • Over 30 hours of training, you can receive a Stipend



      • Ayishah Irvin/Laura Blake

      • Saralinda Lugohart/Laura Konate


      • Ji Young Lee

      • Shavon Glover

      • Hyacinth Myers


      • Demetria Robinson/Chimene Lewis


      • former treasurer Francine Lane voted in by 5 parents and nomination was accepted


    • Sarah Saragin (Jones)

    • Jessica Bennett

    • Christine Kovich

    • Demetria Davidson



      • Ayishah Irving/Laura Blake


      • Ji Young Lee


      • Demetria Robinson/Chimene Lewis


      • Francine Lane

  • 2019-2021 NEW SLT MEMBERS

    • Sarah Saragin

    • Christine Kovich