TCCS offers a wide variety of academic enrichment experiences for students in all grades.  Enrichment courses, clubs, field trips and special projects enhance the core curriculum and support our school’s goals for the healthy development of students, intellectually, artistically and socially. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and Wellness are two focal areas for our enrichment activities. Enrichment takes place during the school day and after-school.


Music Instruction

Teachers College Community School partners with music educators from Teachers College to offer high-quality music education experiences for students. Children at TCCS learn to write, create, compose, sing, analyze and perform various genres of music. Students showcase their musical progress at our annual Celebration Ceremony in the Spring. The following are the tentative musical offerings for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • General Music - Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade

  • Violin - 3rd grade

  • Choir - 4th grade

  • Introduction to Keyboarding, Musical Theory, and Digital Songwriting - 5th grade

  • Digital Composition - 6th grade

  • Digital Film Scoring - 7th grade

After School Music Clubs

Orchestra provides 4th-8th grade students with opportunities for ensemble work and performance throughout the school year. Through our TC Clubs program, students in Orchestra are able to practice their craft by singing and playing advanced repertoire from various genres and world music.

TC also provides a recorder club for students in 2nd - 4th grade. They learn how to read music, play songs, and lay the foundation for interest in wind instruments. Additionally, students participate in "recorder karate" where they can earn "belts" as they master new songs.

Design: Salvadori Center

In partnership with the community organization Salvadori Center, 4th and 5th grade students engage in project-based learning that draws on their surroundings to illustrate the relevance of math and science in our everyday lives. Students visit New York City landmarks and work in small groups to build a replica of the landmarks using math and science concepts and a scientific process of discovery.

Visual Arts: Studio in a School

Studio in a School introduces our students to a range of high quality visual arts experiences. Students have access to 2-D and 3-D media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, 2-D design, and media technology. They study the works of art and artists of many cultures and showcase their work with seasonal performances.


Tablets, laptops, smartboards and other technology resources are available to all students at TCCS. Technology is incorporated into learning experiences in both core curriculum and enrichment courses.


Students learn the importance of technology in the 21st century by learning to code. Coding allows students to think creatively about interactive media that will allow them to create computer games, programs and apps.


Teachers College Community School offers a library period for students to delve into literary forms and pursue technology based projects. The school’s library teacher, along with classroom teachers, use the resources in the library to engage students with age-appropriate poetry, fiction, non-fiction and drama through read-alouds and class projects. The library is equipped with extensive material for digital learning. Students also check out books to cultivate their passion for reading.


TCCS incorporates a variety of learning experiences that promote health and wellness. These take many forms, including curricular and extra-curricular programs, opportunities for physical activity, attention to food and nutrition, and time for free play.


Movement can aid student success by creating more energy and motivation to learn. Students learn the importance of physical activity in their daily lives by participating in a physical education program that includes team sports and fitness drills multiple times a week.

Second grade students learn the fundamentals of water safety with swim lessons once a week provided through a partnership with Asphalt Green. Students work on comfort, endurance and technique in the water.

TCCS is a Move-to-Improve School! Teachers incorporate movement into their instructional day. The lessons combine grade-level concepts with physical activity.

The Spanish-American dance company, Danza España, has returned to TCCS to work with 1st and 2nd grade students! Students learn about the Spanish culture through authentic dances.

All TCCS students have time for free play during daily recess which occurs either before or after their lunch. During recess, students have many options to exercise by playing sports and games. TCCS students who participate in an after school club also have a designated recess time as part of the after school program.

Health and Nutrition

Health education classes teach student how to take care of their bodies and the people around them, and how to make informed decisions about healthy lifestyle and habits.

Students have access to a well-balanced DOE lunch menu that incorporates a salad bar with fresh fruit and vegetables. The Upper School cafeteria is also equipped with a demonstration kitchen where students can learn to prepare different healthy foods.

Our Upper School vegetable garden, created with significant input from parents, allows students to harvest fresh food on a seasonal basis. Students have opportunities throughout the year to plant vegetables and herbs and harvest items from the garden. Classroom teachers teach students the importance of healthy eating by making recipes from the garden. Students in upper grades work with our Parent Association Board to donate food from the garden to a local food pantry. The plans for Lower School include creating a school garden during Phase II of its building renovations.

The school participates in the Department of Education’s Recycling Program called Zero Waste.

Curriculum Extensions

To provide additional experiential learning opportunities, students attend field trips and performances as an extension of the school’s curriculum. Some of these take place at school, and others off-site. Examples include:

Student Council

TCCS values creating change agents for a better tomorrow. Our student council is elected by the student body and allows them to use their voice to advocate for issues that affect our school and global community. Our student council conducts elections, plans field trips and special events and assists with school-wide initiatives.

Community Service

Twice a year, our Parent Association facilitates a community service project where students from grades 4 and 5 harvest food from the TCCS garden and donate it to a local food pantry.