There are many ways to get involved.  Whether you want to participate regularly or once in a while, during on-site activities or remotely in the middle of the night, you can help out!


Here are some specific skills we are looking for this school year. Don’t worry if you don’t see your skill – there are plenty of ways to get involved beyond these skills.



We have a new website and are looking to build a photo library for our school. We need high-resolution photos that look good on the website and for other communications.


Our community is multi-cultural and speaks many languages. We want to share our messages with all the community, no matter what language is preferred. Spanish is an obvious need, but don’t be shy if you want to include your language as well!



Help us navigate the legal maze as we transition to a non-profit organization.

Graphic Design

Help give our communication and new website a visual punch! Help us design logos, flyers, and other communications!

Class Parents

Each class is expected to have two Class Parents. The role of the Class Parent is to support and build community within the classroom and serve as liaisons between classroom parents and the Parent Association (PA Board). Class parents assist with special events such as celebrations (publicize, coordinate food, decorate, solicit volunteers, etc.), are involved in (publicize and assist) grade-specific projects; replenish class supplies; and coordinate teacher-related activities.


Committees are one of the best ways to be involved at TCCS! Make your voice heard and have a direct impact on PA-sponsored programming and other initiatives by volunteering with a PA committee.  

If you have a great idea or see an issue that should be explored, join or form a committee! Great things happen and the whole school community benefits when parents give their time, energy, and talents. Contact the PA Board to get in on the action!

Commitments vary by project and we welcome ALL levels of involvement! Yes, you can join more than one!


General Committees

There is a lot of work to be done all year long. These committees can use a longer commitment from some volunteers, but don't worry if you cannot do that. Each of these committees has needs for anything you can give!



Membership Committee*

Are you passionate about getting others parents involved?

The membership committee encourages parent participation and coordinates outreach efforts with the Parent Coordinator. This committee manages the list of members and helps communicate to the membership about PA meetings, PA budget, messages from the principal, events, and other information of interest to members.

This committee is in session the whole school year, but there are opportunities for shorter involvement.



Audit Committee*

Each year, an internal audit of the PA finances is dictated by our bylaws. Their written report is presented to the general membership at the end of the school year.

Attention to detail is the key skill for this committee, and no specific finance or account skills are need (but are helpful).

This committee should convene in the early Spring to start the audit for completion by the final meeting of the school year. If needed, an audit committee may be formed at other times.



Budget Committee*

The budget committee has a few responsibilities required by our bylaws:

  1. Drafting the proposed budget each spring for approval by the membership

  2. Producing a written review of the prior year's budget, both of which must be presented for vote at the May membership meeting

  3. Presenting the budget process

This committee will start in the early Spring to start planning for the next school year.



Multi-Cultural Committee

Diversity of one of TCCS’ greatest strengths. Join the multicultural committee to share and celebrate our diversity! This committee will help organize cultural events, including Hispanic Heritage Month, African American History Month, and a Multicultural Night. In addition, this committee will help translate announcements and information on the website.

This committee will be active all year and has many opportunities for all levels of involvement.

Grants Committee:

There are organizations who want to give money and other support for students and schools. Are you the kind of person who likes to dig up information on the internet? Help us find available grants or sponsorships in one of our key areas of student enrichments, school enrichments, and community! If research isn’t your strength, maybe you want to help write an effective grant submission. Are you a power organizer? Maybe you can help make sure we follow the submission guidelines and submit the grant request on time.

This committee will be year-round, with most of the work being done in the Fall to identify and submit grants for this school year.

Non-Profit Committee:

Transitioning to a nonprofit organization will open up new and exciting fundraising, grant eligibility, and sponsorship opportunities. Also, how great would it be if you donations were tax deductible? While legal expertise if appreciated on this committee, it will also require volunteers to collect and organize information to help the process along. Attention to detail and organization skills are key needs for this committee!

This committee will start in the Fall to prepare for our switch to a non-profit organization.

Fundraising Committee

Help us get and keep families involved to maximize our current fundraising options and help find new ones! From Amazon to BoxTops, you could help the TCCS Parents Association earn more money and provide more programming, services, and community events.

This committee will be needed all year to keep our fundraising efforts on point.

Community Service Committee:

Service to the community is a noble lesson. Coordinate with the school and teachers to help organize opportunities for our students to give back to our Harlem community.

This committee will be needed in the Fall to plan the Community Services activities for the year and will likely continue through the Winter and Spring.

Lunch Committee:

Lunch is a very important part of the school day. Join the lunch committee to help at lunch time, determine the best way to keep our students with allergies safe, or bring in an alternative menu.

Garden Committee:

Got a green thumb? Then the garden committee is the place for you. Help with fall harvest and prepare for spring planting. Coordinate with the school and teachers to help bring the garden into classroom activities!

This committee will be needed all year long, with more activities in the Fall and Spring for harvest and planting.

Event Committees

If you are a party-planner at heart, or just like to make sure things come off without a hitch, Event Committees are the place for you! 



School Pictures

Help organize our school pictures, from selecting and booking the photographer to making sure everything runs smoothly on picture day. In addition to making sure our kids look their best for school pictures, the PA earns money from picture sales!

We need help in the fall to plan picture day, and in the spring to select and book the photographer.


Giving Thanks Social & Food Drive

Every November, we collect nonperishable food items for local shelters or a citywide nonprofit AND families and school staff enjoy a potluck smorgasboard of autumn-themed treats one morning before the holiday break.



This beloved tradition is back...but we need your help! Celebrate the holiday season with student performances, activities and refreshments.


Parent Social & Auction

Our annual spring event where parents and staff can mingle, taste wine, and win some amazing gifts and experiences in the silent auction.

This is our major fundraising event of the year, and we continue to build of the success of the previous year!  

Spring Fling

Fun in the sun (or rain) is had by all during our annual Spring Fling! Volunteer to organize or spend a few hours helping at a booth.



Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

The first week of May each year is dedicated to showing our teachers and school staff how much we appreciate them! Volunteers and class parents coordinate the week. Traditionally, parent volunteers decorate and serve snacks in the Teachers' Lounge.


Square 1 Art

The students create a unique masterpiece that can enhance many items for the home and for gifts. Shop past art projects all year round!