Parent Association (PA)

Parents and guardians of TCCS students are are automatically members of the TCCS Parent Association.

We value your involvement and your input!

School Leadership Team (SLT)

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is mandated for all New York City Schools. It is comprised of teachers, administrators, the school principal, a PTA representative, and elected parents. The SLT is responsible for developing the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and ensuring that it is aligned with the school-based budget. SLTs play a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture.

The School Leadership Team consists of the following individuals:

  • Principal - Michelle Verdiner

  • Teachers College representative - Nancy Streim

  • Community Board 9 member - Deidre Brown

  • United Federations of Teacher (UFT) representative - Marie Sarabia

  • Three teachers – Ms. Beckford, Ms. Carter, Ms. Reveron

  • PA President or Co-President - Ayishah Irvin as delegate of Laura Blake

  • Four parents - Laurie Kindred, Shavon Glover, Saralinda Lügohart, Achisimach Yisrael

The parent members of the SLT are elected for two-year terms. Elections are held in May on alternate years. The next scheduled election is May 2019. If a parent member leaves the SLT, a special election will be held.

Class Parents

Each class is expected to have two Class Parents. The role of the Class Parent is to support and build community within the classroom and serve as liaisons between classroom parents and the Parent Association (PA Board). Class parents assist with special events such as celebrations (publicize, coordinate food, decorate, solicit volunteers, etc.), are involved in (publicize and assist) grade-specific projects, replenish class supplies, and coordinate teacher-related activities.

Lunch / Recess Assistant(s)

Lunch and recess assistants help students with condiments, utensils and serving. Lunch and recess assistants encourage students to follow school cafeteria rules, circulate throughout the cafeteria to assist students, monitor bathroom usage during lunch/recess, and assist staff with other activities as needed and indicated by school staff members. There is parent sign up sheet for lunch assistance. Parents will be able to select a specific area to assist to ensure that there is an equal distribution of adults to support our students during this time.

Field Trip Chaperone(s)

Each chaperone is assigned a small group of children. Each chaperone is responsible for the safety of all children assigned to his/her group at all times:

On the bus:

  • Instruct the children to remain seated at all times

  • Ensure that all children have working seat belts

During the trip:

  • Inform the teacher of any emergencies (bathroom, illness, etc)

  • No child is to be un-escorted

Chaperones must never leave their group unattended and must be willing to assist another parent with their group. They will remind students about appropriate behavior and language. If a student is having a challenging day with behavior and/or language, please inform the teacher in charge immediately.

After the trip:

  • Ensure that ALL students are off the bus.

  • Line them up in an orderly fashion and escort them into the school building.

Other details about field trips:

  • Purpose: all field trips will have and educational purpose or support learning outcomes.

  • Frequency: there is no required number of trips per school per year. The number of trips taking place in a given year is at the Principal's discretion.

  • Lunch during field trips: students will be notified of the appropriate lunch to bring.

  • Transportation: the Department of Education requires that all students Pre-K through 2nd grade use a yellow school bus for all trips that are not within walking distance.

Class teachers will request field trip chaperones as needed during the school year.

Parents as Learning Partners (PLP)

Parents as Learning Partners (PLP) is an opportunity provided to every TCCS parent. Our objective is to allow parents to interact with their child(ren) during classroom instruction. During visitation, following morning line-up, parents are invited to join the class until to work with their child on the morning’s lesson (reading, writing, math games, etc).

The first class visit is scheduled for Friday, October 26, 2018. Subsequent dates will be the last Friday of the month unless otherwise noted.