2018-2019 SLT Members

Principal *

Michelle Verdiner

Teachers College Representative

Nancy Streim


United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Chapter Leader *

Marie Sarabia

Community Board 9, Member

Deidre Brown



  • Margaret Reveron

  • Ms. Carter

  • Ms. Beckford



  • Laurie Kindred

  • Shavon Glover

  • Saralinda Lügohart

  • Jasmine Paulino


Parent Association Co-President *

Shavon Glover

* Mandatory membership

Core Responsibilities

The work of the team will focus on two core responsibilities:

  • The creation of the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP), including annual goals and objectives.

  • The development of a school-based budget and staffing plan aligned with the CEP.

The current CEP year was reviewed and approved by Central on December 14, 2014. The approved plan (PDF) is available to the parent community

View the SLT Bylaws (PDF)

Non-Member Participation

The regularly scheduled team meetings will be open to the entire school community. Members  of  the  school  community  who  are  not  team members  may  request  speaking  time  at  meetings  to  discuss  specific topics.   All   such   requests   must   be   submitted   in   writing   to   the Chairperson or Liaison at least a week in advance of scheduled meeting.

Non-members  are  encouraged  to  bring  issues  of  concern  to  their constituent  representative(s)  on  the  team  prior  to  team meetings. 

Requests for topics of discussion should be submitted in writing at least one week in advance of the meeting date.

How to Join the SLT

The parent members of the SLT are elected for two-year terms. Elections are held in May on alternate years. The next scheduled election is May 2019.

If a parent member leaves the SLT, a special election will be held.

SLT General Meetings

All parents and guardians of TCCS students are invited to join the SLT's General Meetings.

All parents are encouraged to attend our monthly meeting, held at 3:15 on the third Thursday of the month* in the TCCS cafeteria or MPR.  Occasional changes are made to accommodate holidays. 

* unless rescheduling necessary due to holidays or other conflicts

2018-2019 School Year Schedule

Here's the schedule for the 2018-2019 school year

  • Thursday, September 20th at 3:15

  • Thursday, October 18th at 3:15

  • Thursday, November 29th at 3:15

  • Thursday, December 20th at 3:15

  • Thursday, January 17th at 3:15

  • Thursday, February 28th at 3:15

  • Thursday, March 21st at 3:15

  • Thursday, April 11th at 3:15

  • Thursday, May 16th at 3:15

  • Thursday, June 20th at 3:15


Meeting Minutes