TCCS School Staff

TCCS Principal

Michelle Verdiner

TCCS Assistant Principal

Cynthia Barr


Elizabeth Bermudez



Shakesha Simmons

Melissa Bernstein


First Grade

Candice Lam

Second Grade

Elizabeth Inoa


Alexandra Espinosa 

Third Grade

Marelyn Gonzalez


Victoria Guan

Fourth Grade

Cara Marasco

Fifth Grade

Tiana Green


Jessica Marenda

Middle School (Grades Six-Eight)

Specialty Teachers




Physical Education




Student Intervention Support



Margaret Reveron


Sarah Feeney

Teachers College Staff

Teachers College places graduate students at TCCS to teach specialty subjects, provide academic intervention services, lead after school clubs, assist classroom teachers, develop curriculum and conduct fieldwork, including student teaching.  Teachers College provides professional development and administrative support to these students.  Here are some of the roles that graduate students play at TCCS.

School Psychology Fieldwork Interns

School psychology fieldwork students support the learning environment and school culture at TCCS by identifying students that could benefit from additional socio-emotional support.  Psychology fieldwork students collaborate with students, parents and staff in order to address the students’ psychological needs through assessments, and small group or individual counseling.

Specialty Instructors

Specialty Instructors are TC graduate students who teach enrichment classes at TCCS during the school day. This year, specialty instructors will teach music in all grades. Specialty instructors communicate with parents during parent teacher conferences and also create opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning within the school community.

Student Teachers

Student teachers are pre-service teachers completing certification requirements by working with their host teachers to apply newly acquired knowledge, theories, and models in a variety of contexts. Student teachers create lesson design and adapt teaching practices according to learners' needs. This year TCCS is hosting student teachers from the program in early childhood inclusive education.

Teachers College Club (TC Clubs) Instructors

Teachers College Club instructors are TC students that teach enrichment classes in the after-school program. Under the direction of TC faculty and staff, club instructors teach in areas such as Artistic Dreams, Original Kids, Recorder, Stage Kids, Yoga, Robotics, Orchestra, Science Discovery, Creative Technologies, and Musical Theater. Club Instructors guide students to participate in a culminating showcase in May.

Zankel Fellows

Zankel Fellows provide intervention support in math and reading for 10 hours a week during the school day.  They work in close collaboration with their host teachers to provide tutoring, small group work, and individualized instruction for students.

Milman Fellows

Milman Fellows work closely with TCCS classroom teachers in support of literacy. This year’s Milman Fellows are focusing on introducing digital literacy and civics into the social studies curriculum.

Work-study Student Assistants

TC work-study students assist with the preparation, planning and instruction of specialty and after school classes and activities. They also monitor students during lunch and recess.