Parents/guardians are welcome at TCCS. To ensure student safety, building security, and uninterrupted instruction, please follow our protocol for visitors:

  • Visitors must use the main entrance door on Morningside Avenue at the Upper School and on 132nd Street at the Lower School and sign in at the security desk.

  • Please be prepared to show a photo ID upon arrival.

  • Visitors will wear Visitor Passes distributed by the Safety Agent.

  • Visits are by appointment only and will be managed by the office.

  • All visitors, including parents and other adults, must stop in the office first in order to communicate the reason for your visit. The secretarial staff will call the staff member you wish to meet and confirm your visit.

  • All informal/formal discussions or conferences should be planned with the teacher in advance so as not to conflict with or distract the staff from instructional duties or student supervision.

  • If a student arrives after the designated start times, the office staff will arrange to have the student escorted to their classroom.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing in and/or obtaining a pass does not allow for visits to any part of the building; please limit your visit to the prearranged appointment. Your cooperation in this regard is very much appreciated and helps us provide maximum uninterrupted instruction and security for the children.

Emergency Evacuation Notification

In the event of an emergency evacuation, parents will be notified via e-mail and telephone numbers as per blue card emergency contact information as soon as possible.

 PLEASE NOTE: In case of an emergency all phone numbers and contact information provided on Blue Emergency Cards will be utilized. Please ensure to update all contact information as needed to ensure that we can make contact with pertinent information in a timely fashion.