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Class Parents
When a teacher has support, s/he is able to do a better job for her/his students: our students, our kids. The primary goal of class parents is to make every family at TCCS feel connected to our community. In addition to supporting and building community within the classroom, class parents also serve as communication liaisons between classroom families, the classroom teacher(s), and the PA. We are called upon to make things happen in the classroom, whether it’s acting as a resource to other parents, raising money, rallying volunteers, or assisting on a field trip
Social Events Committee
Social Events bring the TCCS community together as well as the TCCS fundraising and/or arts events that may have a social component.
Fundraising Committee
This committee serves as an outreach for gaining maximum potential fundraising participation for various events:
Grants Committee
Looking for all grant writers who can help with research of funding opportunities as well as writing grants on behalf of PA committees. We would like to shoot for the moon and land on the stars. This is a numbers game. The more we write the more we’ll get granted. This could be research and connections or it could be writing and editing.
Non Profit Committee
This committee will spearhead, apply and file for 501(c)(3) status on behalf of the TCCS PA Board. Becoming a non-profit will create many more fundraising opportunities for our PA.
Arts & Music Committee
This committee works to ensure quality arts and music program as a foundational part of our curriculum and may include: grant writing, fundraising, volunteering in a coordinated way in school and after school; Supporting performance and art shows. Advocacy for arts in our school.
Multicultural Committee
Diversity of one of TCCS’ greatest strengths. Join the multicultural committee to share and celebrate our diversity! This committee will help organize cultural events, including Hispanic Heritage Month, African American History Month, Multicultural night. In addition, this committee will help translate announcements and information on the website.
Community Service
This committee will find ways to develop community service activities with TCCS students within our Harlem community. Speakers could be brought in to talk with older students about service and volunteer opportunities around the community.
Teacher & Staff Appreciation
Teacher Appreciation week is in May. Parents set up their lounge every day with snacks and decorations Teachers could be appreciated in small ways throughout the year….thank you letter writing campaign, Pass out Hershey Hugs and Kisses, teeny tiny acts of love and appreciation recognizing they work harder than necessary for our kids.
Membership Committee*
The membership committee encourages parent participation and coordinates outreach efforts with the Parent Coordinator. This committee manages the list of members and helps communicate to the membership about PA meetings, PA budget, messages from the principal, events, and other information of interest to members.
Audit Committee*
Each year, an internal audit of the PA finances is dictated by our bylaws. Their written report is presented to the general membership at the end of the school year. Attention to detail is the key skill for this committee, and no specific finance or account skills are need (but are helpful).
Budget Committee*
If numbers are you thing join the Budget Committee to help review the current year's budget and set the proposed budget for next year.
Garden Committee
Got a green thumb? Then the garden committee is the place for you. Help with fall harvest and prepare for spring planting. Coordinate with the school and teachers to help bring the garden into classroom activities!
Lunch Committee
Lunch is a very important part of the school day. Join the lunch committee to help at lunch time, determine the best way to keep our students with allergies safe, or bring in an alternative menu.